Investing in People and Businesses in Northern Ontario


Province Provides Over $1.5 Million in Funding for Training in Steel Sector
Ontario’s Government is helping people across Northern Ontario prepare for successful careers in the steel sector by partnering with employers and investing in skills training.

Today, Ross Romano, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, announced over $1.5
million in provincial funding for an innovative training project at the Sault College of Applied
Arts and Technology. This SkillsAdvance Ontario project will help get people working by
providing them with the technical and job-ready skills they need.

It will also help employers by providing sector-focused employment services, including job
matching and placement, and employment retention services.

“Our government knows employers are looking for job-ready people to help fill vacancies in
Northen Ontario,” said Minister Romano. “By funding projects like these, we’re creating
opportunities for 50 people to put their skills to work in good, permanent jobs. I’m proud that our government is investing in people and their potential.”

This funding will help 50 workers and unemployed Ontarians gain the skills and work
experience employers in Northern Ontario need. While the training is focused on skills and
experience needed for the steel sector, it will also offer particpants an opportunity to build
transferrable skills for the manufacturing sector.

“Our government is committed to opening up the steel sector to jobs and this funding will
help the industry find the skilled workforce it needs to grow,” said Minister Romano. “Steel
is a major driver of our local economy and across the province, and is an anchor for other
industries including auto, energy and construction. That’s why we are helping the industry
grow and create good, well-paying and sustainable jobs.”

“Today’s announcement is a tremendous investment in our community, our college, and in
all those participating,” said Dr. Ron Common, President, at Sault College. “Through this
project, these individuals have the opportunity to receive targeted training and education to
better prepare them for work in the steel and manufacturing sector. Participants will also
receive support and employment services to assist them in finding meaningful employment.

This is an all-encompassing project supporting participants and employers alike and we
applaud the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and our provincial government
partner for choosing to invest in this important area and in our community as a whole.”
There are currently 19 active SkillsAdvance Ontario projects across Ontario, dedicated to sector-specific training for jobs in the steel and aluminum, manufacturing, logistics, tourism and hospitality, forestry and other sectors.

▪ Ontario is supporting the Sault College SkillsAdvance Ontario project with over $1.5 million over one year.
▪ The steel sector is vital for Ontario’s economy and is an anchor for other industries including auto, energy and construction.
▪ The Sault College of Applied Arts and Technology is one of more than 300 Employment Ontario partners across Ontario.
▪ The Employment Ontario network offers a range of services and supports that help businesses find talent and connect job-seekers to training and job opportunities.


  1. Why are we glorifying this man? His government has done nothing for the people and continues to cut cut cut. More money for the wealthy, less in the hands of the vulnerable. You should have had his heading as the “Turkey sandwich maker”

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