Is Ridesharing a Possibility for the Sault?

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Sault Ste. Marie City Council will be asked to approve an amended bylaw which will allow rideshare programs to operate here in the Sault during Monday evening’s meeting.

The report in the Council agenda is in response to a Council resolution dated September 26, 2016. The resolution stated:

“Resolved that the report of the City Solicitor dated 2016 09 26 concerning Policy Implications of the Ridesharing Services and the Applicability of By-law 2015-72 as an Enforcement Tool be received and Council authorize the formation of a special committee of Council with the mandate of reviewing current regulations on the local taxi-cab and limousine industry, analyzing newly implemented ridesharing regulations, engaging community and industry stakeholders throughout the process, and reporting back to Council on a plan of action.”

A number of Municipalities have rideshare companies operating in their communities already, such as Ottawa, Hamilton, Thunder Bay and the City of Greater Sudbury.

“We have also reviewed the outcome of legal challenges to some of the By-laws (in those municipalities),” a report in the Council agenda says.

“In drafting a proposed amending By-law schedule to include Ride Sharing Services, we have considered the unique insurance provisions that are required here. We also ensured that the licensing fees and obligations are equivalent to other vehicle for hire groups, as well as safety. In speaking with other communities, those that have had a program in place have suggested that there was a need for adjustments as new issues arose. We propose to monitor the By-law over the year and then review the By-law schedule again in one year to see what adjustments need to be made to the program and in working with a rideshare company or companies.”

Ridesharing companies will be subject to the same licensing fees as taxis, limos, and shuttle buses:

  • Drivers-$40 initial and $25 renewal
  • Vehicles -$100 initialand $50 renewal
  • Company-$400 initial and includes 1 vehicle and $100 renewal


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