McCleary Lays Out Priorities for Saultites


With momentum on her side, Sara McCleary, NDP Candidate for Sault Ste. Marie, laid out her priorities that the government must take on to help Canadians and vowed to fight for these priorities as the next MP for Sault Ste. Marie.

“Here in the Sault, we’re seeing a three-way race.  This election is not a done deal and people are recognizing the momentum the NDP is gaining.” said McCleary.  “It’s clearer than ever that we’re headed towards a minority government scenario. Whether the NDP forms government, official opposition or holds the balance of power, people in the Sault deserve a representative who will actually fight for them.”

“We’ve voted for the Conservatives in 2011 and for the Liberals in 2015. However, having a seat at the government’s table didn’t seem to matter.  As your NDP MP, I will use my seat to finally bring us the help we need.” added McCleary. “It’s time for the Sault to vote for someone who’s not just going to passively agree with the Prime Minister, but will do what’s right.”

New Democrats have made their priorities known for any other party that wants to work with us.

·        Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples — from clean water to equity in services — as a foundation for all government actions

·        A national universal pharmacare plan and a national dental care plan, delivering affordability and better health to Canadians.

·        A home people can afford, including massive investments in housing, real action on money laundering and a tax on foreign speculators.

·        Beginning to tackle student debt, by taking all interest off of student loans, current and future.

·        A bold plan and concrete action to fight the climate crisis, ending the subsidies to big oil companies, committing to science-based targets and helping workers during the transition from fossil fuels.

·        Making cell phone and internet bills more affordable by putting in place a price cap to make sure that Canadians aren’t paying more than the global average for their cell phone and internet bills.

·        Ensuring the super-wealthy are paying their fair share by introducing a super wealth tax, closing tax loopholes, and ending giveaways for the richest companies and individuals.


  1. Singh NDP has offered to support a corrupt Trudeau/Liberal government in a minority situation with a coalition Liberal/NDP government. A vote for Sarah/Singh/NDP is a vote for the corrupt Trudeau/Liberals. Vote in a Conservative majority!

  2. Is the NDP just putting out more press releases than the other parties? Feels sort of one sided. Why can’t our local media do a write up and interview/profile with every candidate? Press releases seem like pseudo political advertisements.

    “Get to know your candidates” would be a good way to level the playing field.

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