Millroy: The Scams Never Stop


It seems telephone scams will never stop.

Sault Ste. Marie Police Service reminded the public this week not to divulge personal information to anyone over the phone.

The warning came about because members of the public have been receiving phone calls from scammers posing as Canada Revenue Agency workers. The callers are telling them their bank accounts have been targeted for fraud. Potential victims are also being told Sault police will be following up with them.

The number appearing on people’s caller ID is the phone number for the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service, 705-949-6300, and the person on the other end of the line pretends to be an officer with the police service.

Actually this is not the only phone scam making the rounds at the moment. There also is one using Visa as the hook.

Most of the calls seem to come early in the morning, the caller telling those being targeted that their Visa accounts have been compromised, with unauthorized charges in the neighbourhood of $500 appearing on their statements.

Three of the people I coffee with got calls recently as did I, the phone being answered by my wife while we were still in bed.

“Why are you doing this?” I heard her ask. “You should be ashamed of yourself.”
She said he replied that he needed the money.

Anyway, we haven’t had a call since, an indication that they maybe realize there is nothing for them here.

We have also had many calls over the years about problems with our computers. Where my wife and I once hung up immediately when we knew we had such a call, we now play a little with the callers.

Now on many occasions the callers are the ones who end up being annoyed, some of them actually getting quite angry when they realize the fish is not on the other end of the phone.
When they first tell us about the problem, we might ask which computer is involved, since we have two desktops and a laptop. This doesn’t stop them as they will try to get us to open one, which the two desktops usually already are.

We will let them talk about Microsoft and Windows for a bit, then tell them we have a MacIntosh. That usually ends it with a snarl coming from the other end of the line.
But we think turnabout is fair play.

If they are going to wake us, if at all times they are trying to scam us, it is only fitting that we do things that annoy them as much as they do us.

And it must never be forgotten that they are only an annoyance to some of us; others who have fallen victim to their stories have been badly hurt financially.

Solid jail sentences should be meted out to the perpetrators of these crimes when they are caught.

LAST WEEK I WROTE about the trouble I had with the yellow-painted steps in some arenas, those in the John Rhodes Centre being among them.

Well, I had occasion to sit in JR1 when attending a women’s hockey tournament to watch a granddaughter play last weekend and found that the steps there were different. They were not all yellow, as they are in JR2 where I seem to usually end up sitting. Instead they are grey, with a narrow  yellow strip at the front for definition, pretty well the same as they are in GFL Memorial Gardens.

I found I had no problem climbing the steps or coming down.

Mind you, I would prefer a railing but it is the yellow colour of the steps in the Peewee, Rankin and JR2 arenas that trouble me.

It is somewhat strange that they are yellow in JR2 as JR1 was the first one built.

A NEW TEAM really seems to give a new life to some players.

Ryan Roth had two goals and four assists in six games before being traded to the Sarni Sting by the Soo Greyhounds.

As of Friday night, he had five goals and five assists in six games with the Sting.

It will be interesting to see if that kind of production continues. If it does, one has to wonder why he couldn’t muster the same stats with the Hounds.


  1. I wonder why no one from within local police went after Mr. Justin Fabbro for money owing me.

    It was a deposit for snowremoval. Him ending up in jail overapparent guns, drugs and drug money enroute wherever outside of this City does not excuse anyone officially responsible for addressing the issue.

    All the drug money confiscated in an unexpected bust albeit in the Barrie jurisdiction does not clear what went on in the distant or recent past equating to more then a snow removal deposit for good reasoning.

    That includes what took place through calls from Colorado out to manipulate local cops nor other
    actions from within local law enforcement.

    Good thing who voted used their heads enough to not end up with more votes to put PC recent candidate
    for MP title and wage or eventual possibility of such an unmerited pension goal. It is not that I voted
    for Mr. Terry or any of the others not because I did not exercise my true rights.

    I innocently voted to date once in my life and my did I learn so much since that time in the eighties for someone who turned out to be one of the most corrupt politicians in local history and elsewhere Furthermore as well as undeserving CAO salary for too long. Good thing he took off on his own though still on wrongful pension income from with the local payroll.

    I am literally fed up with all the seriously wrong and definite criminal activity targeted at me for far too long as well as from within other local areas too.

    I am not responsible for any of it without any reasonable doubt in my mind.

    It takes more than me dealing with grave INJUSTICES that merit wise exposure for resolution.

    I mean in the right way not the vindictive or malicious direction.

  2. What is going on within Shaw and Bell is outragious including from within the City here not only through call centres.

    There is lots of scamming going on far from uncommon in the Sault or elsewhere enabled and supported by too many for no good reason.

    I am sure of that in a number of respects besides from within those operations.

    The deliberate corruption and the support literally infuriates me within reason.

  3. Doug I attended a meeting hosted by the Police Dept, about on-line scams—They said that the scammers were smart enough to get good paying jobs but they can make more money by Scams.
    Most are from the U.S.A. or Overseas because Canadians can register on the Do-Not-Call list and they can be stopped by reporting them to the do not call list Organization and it does work. Bell Canada paid a heavy fine for calling people on the Canadian Do-Not-Call list and I was one of the ones that reported them.

  4. Doug. I did the same as you did. I kept the caller on the line with questions and then I told them that I was going to report them to my Credit Card Security people. I have not received any calls from them for a while. They did not get any info. from me.

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