NDP Candidate Sara McCleary calls out Liberal hypocrisy


Over the recent days, Sara McCleary, NDP candidate for Sault Ste. Marie has been receiving an outburst of support from people in the community. During a campaign speech to her supporters, McCleary pointed out the Liberals’ hypocrisy under Justin Trudeau, when they’re calling themselves “progressive”.

“There is only one progressive party, and it’s the New Democratic party.  A true progressive leader wouldn’t be offering billions of dollars in subsidies to fossil fuel industries like the Liberals did, instead of creating a universal pharmacare program for every Canadian.” said McCleary.

“Trudeau’s Liberals have forgiven $6 billion in loans for big corporations and implemented $14 billion in corporate giveaways, while stopping Indigenous children from getting compensation and continuing to collect billions in student loan interests. That’s the opposite of progressive.” added McCleary.

Sara McCleary’s campaign has gained major momentum in the last week and a half, and welcomed tons of new supporters and volunteers.  McCleary took the time to thank her team and reminded them that there’s a three-way race in the Sault.

A likely minority scenario will give the chance for people in the Sault to finally have a representative that will do the right thing, not just say it.  The NDP will be pushing for changes people said they want to see from Ottawa:

  • Pharmacare and dental care for everyone
  • More affordable housing
  • Concrete actions on climate change
  • Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples
  • Lower internet and cell phone bills
  • Wealth tax on ultra-rich
  • Tackling student debt