NDP Will Invest in the Huron Central Short-Line Railway: McCleary


Today, NDP candidates Sara McCleary (Sault Ste. Marie) and Carol Hughes (Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing) announced the NDP will implement long-term solutions to protect the thousands of good jobs in Northern Ontario dependent on getting products to market.

“Thousands of workers in Northern Ontario’s steel and forestry industries need to know they’re going to have jobs for the long haul, not just for a couple of months,’’ said McCleary. “New Democrats will make the use of Canadian steel in federal projects a priority to benefit Sault’s workers and economy. That’s why we need to ensure the Huron Central short-line runs for as long as Ontario is producing great steel.”

For decades, Liberal and Conservative governments have neglected the North and failed to stand up for people in the region. The NDP proposed a New Deal for Northern Ontario that will make life more affordable for workers, fight climate change and revitalize the local economy.

“Infrastructure like the Huron Central Line is vital for our local industry,” said Hughes. “New Democrats have a solid plan to stimulate growth in Northern Ontario. We will take on Liberal and Conservative underinvestment in the North and create thousands of good green jobs, get our local industries ready for the future, and restore vital transportation services that have been cut.”


  1. Will they stop world hunger, too? How ridiculous to make meaningless empty promises especially when this billion dollar corporation should be footing their own bills instead of continually shaking down the Canadian government to bolster their bottom line. This country needs to grow a pair and quit being bullied around by non Canadian entities.

  2. The NDP can make promises they know they will never have to keep since they will not be in power after any election. I wonder if Sara can say HOW they will keep the railway running.

  3. Where’s the money coming from Sara ? Another worthless promise from a politician looking to get elected!!

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