NDP’s McCleary lays out her commitments to the steel industry

NDP Candidate Sara McCleary
file photo

Sara McCleary, NDP candidate for Sault Ste. Marie, just released her commitments to the steel industry and its workers.

“After decades of Liberal and Conservative governments neglecting the steel industry and cutting back on workers’ rights, we need to take action.  Sault Ste. Marie deserves a government that will bring together everyone at the table to finally develop a National Industrial Strategy, and that’s what the NDP will do.” said McCleary.

McCleary also announced that an NDP government would support Sault Ste. Marie by finally requiring the use of Canadian-made steel for infrastructure projects across the country.

The commitments also include measures to stabilize the Canadian steel market, and protect the sector from predatory practices of foreign producers who are shut out of other markets.

“Liberals and Conservatives have failed to use Canadian government infrastructure procurement to support our steel industry, and would’ve abandoned our workers if it hadn’t been for New Democrat MPs fighting alongside labour and the industry to get the American tariffs permanently removed.” commented McCleary.

“I want to see the Sault thriving, and as your MP, I will work tirelessly to make sure steel, our main industry in town, does well.  New Democrats will continue to fight to protect pensions and workers’ rights. We’ll continue to demand better health and safety regulations, as well as better environmental standards, to ensure the growth of our economy is not made at the expense of the workers and the families living around the plant.” added McCleary.



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