NDP’s Sara McCleary proud of her work in Sault Ste. Marie

Sara McCleary Votes

SAULT STE. MARIE – Sara McCleary, NDP candidate for Sault Ste. Marie, concedes defeat, but remains satisfied with what looks like better results than 2015. The local NDP team understood this was going to be a very difficult race. At the beginning of the election campaign, the NDP was polling as a distant  third in the riding.

At this time the final tally for all ridings has not been officially announced; however, the NDP is hoping to see major gains across the country.

McCleary thanked her fellow candidates for having the courage to allow their names to stand on today’s ballot.

McCleary also wanted to especially thank all her supporters from across the riding.

“This election has been the most amazing experience. It was an honour to run as the NDP candidate for Sault Ste. Marie. All the discussions I’ve had with people in our riding point to one thing: they expect more collaboration in the House of Commons and better federal services to help them and their community.” said McCleary

“I was pretty open during this campaign about the fact that my family wasn’t well-off and how I understood first-hand the struggles of precarious work and living paycheque-to-paycheque.  I continue to believe that a representative for the community should be someone who has experienced these realities. I know the NDP will continue the fight for more generous programs and service. We can’t continue on the same path anymore. I will personally continue to fight here in the Sault and stand with everyone who wants a better deal,” added McCleary.

McCleary hopes that the newly elected Members of Parliament bring with them an open vision about what our government can do for the most vulnerable and how we can create more equity, without getting stuck in party lines.

“As we await the final results, I know that my fellow New Democrats are eager to get to work and bring a positive vision to Ottawa.” commented McCleary.


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