Ontario proposes letting airport bars serve alcohol 24 hours a day


TORONTO — People in Ontario will likely soon be able to drink around the clock in airport bars, take their dogs onto patios and into breweries, and bring home as much booze as they want from other provinces.

The proposed loosened alcohol restrictions are among dozens of measures in a bill tabled today to ease red tape and regulations.

The legislation also tackles rules around trucking, mining, pensions and several other sectors.

Under the proposed law, bars and restaurants that are located after security in certain commercial airports in the province could serve alcohol all day. They are currently restricted to between 9 a.m. and 2 a.m.

As well, dogs would be allowed onto restaurant patios and could also be brought into breweries where only beverages and “low-risk, pre-packaged foods” are served.

The bill also proposes to lift limits that mean adults in Ontario can bring up to nine litres of wine, three litres of spirits and roughly three cases of beer home from another province for personal use.


  1. Only bars that are located after security checks, so there wouldn’t be much of an actual impact. Reading comprehension is a wonderful thing…

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