Sault Ste. Marie NDP Candidate surges in recent poll


Sara McCleary, NDP candidate for Sault Ste. Marie is surging in recent poll putting her neck and neck with the Conservative and Liberal candidates, according to

“Many people have come up to me, telling me it’s their first time voting or they haven’t voted in ten years, but they will go out on Election Day because they believe in what New Democrats are committed to doing” said McCleary.

The NDP jumped up 7 points in only 7 days, putting McCleary at 27%, while the Conservative and Liberals candidates dropped down to respectively 28% and 35%.

“Saultites can vote for a true progressive voice to send to Ottawa who will represent your interest and vouch for you in a minority government. I’m asking for people to vote with their heart.  Parties that are scaring you into voting for them don’t deserve your vote.” added McCleary.

The NDP has been gaining a lot of momentum in the last two weeks, nationally as well as locally, and taking votes away from the two other parties.

“New Democrats will make sure the wealthy pay their fair share. We’ll take on the big polluters and drug companies. So this time you can vote for what you believe in.” commented McCleary.



  1. I hate all of this … I was screwed by Ford in many ways so I cannot ethically vote PC if it means middle class and lower will starve, healthcare will get worse, as well as education (which is in crisis mode) to balance a budget that will not happen in my years of life (and I am not that old) then I will vote Liberal or NDP and ethically NDP had a better platform to aid my family. I am basing my vote on what I want to see. Quit arguing and vote for who you see fit.

  2. I was seriously surprised, yesterday, that a_ NO TRESPASSING _ issue unfolded at some point . I have such needed signs on my private property. Both were seemingly ignored by who, apparently, is a candidate. I was told she went herself after I called about it. I mean in not the exact words, to addresses of dwellings. That is who is emphasizing the orange colour, the most as her name is on those signs.

    Personally signs or not, I do not agree with anyone just going on someone else’s property or rental space without prior expectation and verbal or otherwise agreement.

    I realize that is not how, everyone of a relevant reasonable age bracket, choose to view the matter.

    My intent with this action and all others is not at all for wrong motive nor improper purpose.

    There is no doubt in the least, in my mind.

    I was very pleased to experience a friendly, in person, respectful greeting by a former Parliamentarian, Mr. David Orazietti He chose to officially leave during a term of his own volition. To my knowledge is on a local payroll through administration work within the post high school sector, of the system. His acknowledgment, in the recent past within a local business is not at all taken for granted by me. Neither is that of Mr. Shoemaker who I have seen more often a number of times. A brief interactive time, yesterday involving Ms. Susan Myers who chose not to seek reelection for local council last term is standing out, also, in my mind. So are in person brief yet meaningful, in my mind. acknowledgment by three others Mr. Sheehan, as well as a present and former member of local government. They and I were in a local business as well as others.

    No matter what all the respectful choice of behaviour is no minor matter.

    Definitely in my mind as well as when lots is merited and earned considering so much proof or evidence by me. Absolutely not for glory, prestige nor any other wrong motive, in the true not lip service (analogy)part of the wrong direction.

    In case of innocent grammatical oversights impeding legibility or comprehension, I do want to provide clarification.

    In the busyness of which I find myself for so long, Monday, just seems to be so soon to me.

    In respect to the pipeline issue I am very concerned about the Federal outcome and the conflict within the electorate structure. It very much pertains to this local area, definitely in my mind.

    I do plan on wearing some RED & WHITE attire when out in public thinking about Monday. I intend to keep RED and WHITE signs up in front windows, of my building, in which is my home. Someone has been up to outside pranks. Due to the seriousness, of the local matter, in respect to parliamentarian CHOICES, I have been advertising the RED / WHITE signs. I am sure for good reason.

    My actions are not in the least for any wrong motive or improper purpose.

    I have no doubt whatsoever about my assertions.

  3. Running on the coat tails of the leader’s popularity. Unfortunately, this local candidate would not be a strong voice for the Sault in Ottawa. I saw her in the debates when she tried running for city council, and sorry to say did not have a clue.

  4. This is what you’ll notice when you read a political news article. Liberals are happy where they are and point out the hatred and bigotry of the cons, NDP shout their platform from the rooftops, Cons use bully tactics and call names.

    If your tired of all the hatred and negativity Vote, vote for positive change, vote for someone who YOU think is a great choice for your home/family and your country.

    Don’t vote because you dont like what the other does/did. Don’t vote because its “strategic” vote because its the right thing to do! But please go vote!!!!!

  5. All due respect to McCleary, but just to be clear, this is a media release about a poll aggregator’s extrapolation of national polls onto the SSM riding, and not actually about a poll that followed up with voters in the riding. Is that right?

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