Sheehan: Andrew Scheer wants to cut services in Sault Ste. Marie


Liberal and imcumbent MP, Terry Sheehan released the following statement Thursday Morning:

Just before the Thanksgiving long weekend, Andrew Scheer and his Conservatives finally, and quietly, released their election platform, which promises $53 billion in cuts over the next 5 years. This commitment means that $18 billion will be cut from vital local infrastructure projects like our transit system.

During last night’s debate, Andrew Scheer’s candidate was dismissive of voters’ concerns about Conservative cuts. He said, “those are completely false” and “it goes against everything we have said and everything we have written”. Looking at the Conservative platform, perhaps Mr. Spina could explain what “reduction in infrastructure spending of $18 billion” means. We know what Conservatives mean when they say that there will be “no cuts”. If you ask Doug Ford, “no cuts” means thousands of teachers and hundreds of public health workers being laid off.

Let’s keep in mind that these are just the cuts Conservatives are willing to tell us about. Billions of dollars’ worth of cuts means cancelled or delayed projects across our riding, leaving key infrastructure like roads, bridges, and water systems to crumble.

Sault Ste. Marie cannot and must not accept these cuts.

This morning, I was at the bus terminal talking with voters about the $20 million the federal Liberals are providing for our local transit system. Because unlike Mr. Spina, I believe in investing in our community services, not cutting them. Don’t let Andrew Scheer’s cuts destroy our critical infrastructure, like our transit system.




    As I am not out to ruin anyone, I do not articulate all that I could about this Monday’s election, through
    any public forum on-line or to any in person public gatherings.

    Due to what I know is of such importance,specifically to this local area, I have been accentuating for some weeks now the colours red and white. I am sure in my mind for sound, logical, sensible reasoning.

    There really is no doubt at all, in my mind, about that issue.

    It is not because I am not concerned about what is going on in the transit situation. I have been dealing with what are the main problems, in terms of public treatment, off and on for quite some time. Seriously
    and mainly in person to person interactive communication.

    I am an INDEPENDENT thinker as is my CHARACTER .

    My beliefs and views are not necessarily those of this business’s owner, staff, other business owners’ or staff. Neither, necessarily, of how ever many others.

    My focus is in respect to relevant very important PUBLIC issues for my usual genuinely good motive and purpose .

    Not as in lip service or in the phony way, in other words.

    I have absolutely no doubt, in my own mind.

  2. The anti Trudeau crowd is out in full force. Have to give them credit in filling the comments page with everything they can. But keep in mind that there is a Silent Majority.

  3. I would much rather have the money in my pocket so I can get ahead. Cutting services is where the savings come from. Some people just don’t get it.

  4. Hahaha, why are there cuts Terry, why!? Can’t answer, thought as much. Your govt cant run on its record. Its simple. The cons have to clean up 15 years of over spending, and pissing money away. 12 million to Loblaws, not supporting Vets, a phony carbon tax, blowing a energy deal that would of pumped money into our economy, your govt passed, get bent Terry!

  5. OMG !!!!!!! These lieberals are a desperate gang !!!! It was proven last night at the debate at City Hall. sheehan was the spoiled toddler in the room. I’m surprised sheehan didn’t take his ball & go home. These lieberals are like a rat trapped in a corner. The rat can be most dangerous when it’s a dangerous spot. terry and his cronies are in a desperate state. Please see through this very troubling political party on Monday, Oct. 21.

    • With all due respect and credit, Mr. Fata, I have read nothing that gives me reason to think that the alternatives would be the better CHOICE.

      Nor have I been told anything in person to person interaction from within the local area of as you know, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario in North America.

      The pipeline matter is a serious one within the Federal jourisdiction, in my view.

      A red and white outcome (analogy) in Ottawa, in my political analysis would result in even a worsening dilemma in certain issues. That includes augmenting of the English-French major language issue, in my estimation.

      It is clear to me, that at the local level, no matter what all, there is no better choice than the red and white one (analogy).

      It is not that I do know the value of the penny which is still in circulation for those that think otherwise about the real issue. It is clear to me, despite all the deliberate confusion about it as a result of so many lies and excuses. In addition by all those knowingly and willfully playing guilt/blame mind games.

      That all is part for anyone who is not clear part of the WRONG DIRECTION . Seriously, no matter how customary in the Soo.

      No excuse in my mind , really , not in the true sense of the RIGHT DIRECTION.

      I am looking forward to certain larger types of civil public gatherings outdoors. Those are still, I think in the works for this coming expected summer. Also and besides plenty of anticipated continued private action by me, in the meantime. Definitely in my mind for absolutely worthwhile reasons that are clearly to me, in the RIGHT TRUE DIRECTION. Not at all in the phony and awfully corrupt wrong CHOICE.

  6. I guess if you can’t run on your record then you point out another government at the provincial level. Sell the fear sell the fear. Pathetic

  7. The main problem with politics is once you`re elected you have no choice but to agree with and try to sell to your constituents all of the B.S. your leadership puts out, and that applies to all of the politicians in all of the Party`s . Terry Sheehan may be a great guy, but he represents Trudeau, the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history.

  8. Wow your low Sheehan … After the absolute WASTE your party has thrown around and you stood by them.. for everything from standing up for child murderers to giving multi billion dollar business taxpayers money. You’ve let everyone of your constituents down.

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