Sheehan receives endorsement from United Steelworkers Local 9548


Terry Sheehan, Liberal candidate for Sault Ste. Marie, is proud to receive the endorsement from United Steelworkers Local 9548.

“I am humbled to receive this endorsement. It reflects the hard work that we have been doing throughout the past four years, working with steelworkers and Tenaris Algoma Tubes,” said Sheehan.




  1. The ndp & the liberals are singing from the same song sheet !!! Canadians have got to start reading the facts & stop drinking the liberal/ndp kool aid. The ndp, if it has any say, & it might, wants nothing to do with blue collar jobs. The ndp is against the LNG Energy project in BC, the ndp wants NO pipelines, the ndp wants to spend, spend, spend !!! Where’s that tax money that the ndp wants to spend, spend coming from ?? MORE DEBT !!! 100,000+ pipeline workers are NOT working !! There laid off workers are from all over Canada. The ndp live in a make believe world where all things are sunshine & lollipops.
    And the liberals ?? trudeau’s liberals are doing exactly the same thing, except trudeau uses smoke & mirrors to give you the impression they want these blue collar jobs. The libs are actually worse then the ndp – at least the ndp are honest when they say no resources, no pipelines, no LNG project. The ndp & the libs will take this Country into a deep recession & when they make these $$ Billions of promises, your children & grandchildren will be paying for this disastrous spending, for the next 50 years.
    Folks, members of local 9548, be very careful what you wish for. YOUR JOBS ARE IN JEOPARDY !!! A vote for the liberals will bring you one step closer to getting your pink slip. This Country needs resources, but there is a BRICK WALL, and that brick wall is been reinforced by justin trudeau.

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