Sheehan Still Ahead in Latest Poll, Algoma-Manitoulin Keeping It Orange


With just days before the 43rd Federal General Election, The Liberals and Conservatives continue to be in a horse race to the finish and that includes the riding of Sault Ste. Marie.

According to , their latest poll indicates Terry Sheehan keeping his seat for the Liberals locally, while NDP’s Carol Hughes has a comfortable lead in the Algoma-Manitoulin riding.

Here’s the break down: gives the Liberals an 80 percent chance of keeping their seat in Sault Ste. Marie according to the October 16th poll.  The Conservatives land at just 19 percent chance of taking the seat with Sonny Spina.  Meanwhile, Sara MCleary sits at a 1 percent chance of taking the riding says the poll released Wednesday.

Sheehan leads in popular vote projection at 35.7 percent followed by Spina at 30.1 percent, the NDP lag behind at 24.5%  .  The liberals have dropped 3 percent since October 7th while the NDP have gained over 4% since the October 7th poll projection. Spina and the Conservative have held fairly steady only seeing a 1 percent drop.

Nationally, the numbers have been more stable over the campaign. The latest Nanos poll conducted October 15 gives both the Liberals under Justin Trudeau and the Conservatives’  Andrew Scheer a tie with 132 seats each. Jagmeet Singh NDP sits at 33 seats. Currently, no single party has enough projected seats to form a majority government.

In the Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing riding , Carol Hughes and the NDP appear to be keeping that seat with 41.4 percent of the vote projected, while the Liberal candidate, Heather Wilson sits at 28.4 percent and Conservative candidate Dave Williamson lands at 21.6 percent of the projected vote in that riding. The poll gives the NDP a 96 percent chance of retaining that seat.  The 338Canada project is a statistical model of electoral projections based on opinion polls, electoral history of Canadian provinces and demographic data. for complete polls and data go to

There’s still three days before election day.  On that note, ONNtv will provide live local coverage starting at 8pm with analysis and a look back at the local campaign and as polls close at 9:30, we will have the fastest live results for you as they come in. Join us Monday October 21st at 8pm ONNtv and on





  1. Correction Of Innocent Grammatical Oversight(s)

    I was glad to see Mr. Sheehan, recently, in a locally named café that has other beverage choices.

  2. I was glad to see Mr. Sheehan, recently, in a local café that other choices of liquid intake. There are also solid food options and other sales, in that business locale and other usages.

    The location is on Queen Street involving engaging in person events besides being also a quaint dinery.

    Mr.Sheehan was respectfully friendly to me. So was a former government member throughout the brief unexpected in person, acknowledgment. I remember the latter being on staff in the Steel Plant.

    The other local resident is a current member of Municipal Government who was as well respectfully friendly in her treatment of me .

    What a pleasant memory in what seems like in my mind a growing transitional time. That is in terms of however many of local’s current choice of conduct. In addition, I think for appearance yet worthwhile anyways no matter what all relevant to motive.

    Yesterday twice I experienced friendly in person respectful treatment by a former municipal government member.

    Really, despite differences of whatever type and amount. I could add others from within the past that literally so surprised me also in a big way no matter motive.

    It is not that I have not merited that all along.

    There is no doubt about that in my mind.


  3. 338Canada does not poll individual ridings. It aggregates polls by province, then extrapolates that to per riding numbers using historical data and other factors. So it’s an educated guess at best. No polling was done directly in the Sault. So take the projection with a very large grain of salt.

    • He has put in a good effort for the city, Carol. I think few people would argue about that. Unfortunately, he is an MP of the liberal party, headed by Justin Trudeau, who, to me, has put in a much less stellar performance. I don’t want another four years of his *leadership* (and I want a coalition of Trudeau and Singh even less). So I’ll be voting for Spina/ Scheer. Given the opportunity, I’m sure Mr. Spina will represent this city well.

  4. Lot of foolish people in this country….after all the lies and corruption the Liberals have dealt Canadians you’d think the NDP would be battling it out for first with the Conservatives…not the Liberals…my God!!

    If you’re glutton for punishment vote Liberal and watch Canada crumble….

    Wake the #### up Canada!!

    • Not hard to believe there are so many misinformed and politically ignorant people in the Sault. I hope the Cons win big. I suppose all the local teachers will vote for Sheepshit hoping to get more from the libs. Go Spina go !

    • Arturo Webb I agree there are many misinformed and politically ignorant people in the Sault. These two above comments support that claim. Ignoring conservative corruption is a gift most don’t possess.

    • Robert Catling I don’t get my news from memes. Especially from politically-leaning groups. Doing that would make me politically-ignorant.

      Once again though, you are sending me the talking points from the PC websites. SNC-Lavalin is hardly a scandal, and if it’s the only mud they got on Trudeau, then having him as PM is still better then having an American who lies about being an ‘insurance sales man’. Like, why not lie and say you are Spider-Man? He is already lying about being Canadian. Might as well become a super-hero too.

    • Cody JG Alexander do you want CBC news or Ottawa news….its there, it has nothing to do with the conservatives…the Canadian Ethics committee found him guilty….that says it all. Trudeau won’t allow for the proper investigation because he broke the law. That my friend is Obstruction of Justice….and Mr. Sheehan and all the other liberal puppets are spineless for not standing up for Canada.

    • Robert Catling Im aware of the ethic commissioners report. I can’t help but say it’s an ‘ethics violation’… you act like it’s capital murder. I’m actually proud to see a PM fighting for jobs and willing to push the limit to do so. Better then sitting back and ignoring a Harper era differed prosecution option.

      Also, Scheer is putting $20,000 fines up as a campaign promise for the ethic violations. Can Trudeau pay that money that Scheer is proposing and you’ll drop your unfounded vitriol against the greatest PM Canadian of the 21st century?

      As well, we looked into the LNG project and we don’t produce any steel related to it, as well, the modules are pre-assembled. The good part is that we do produce the tubes used to extract the natural gas that will be liquified and transported from there. So getting that project done is a huge gain for us. Another victory!

    • Arturo Webb wow. You’re a piece work man. I sense a huge amount of insecurity resonating from your comment. I’ll take exception to your insults since they seem borne from an inability to perform adequately in your home life.

      Don’t worry man. Trudeau is married and happily so. He ain’t gonna steal your partner.

    • Cody JG Alexander so you do support the firing of the two women that refused to break the law and stand shoulder to shoulder with the corrupt leader……that’s great to know….

      As for the greatest PM in the 21st century, wow….you definitely got that wrong, he is one of the most hated PM’s in Canadian history, as was his father. Destroying Canada one day at a time….

      Have a great day….


    • Robert Catling I respect that you have reservations over the SNC affair.

      But for you and I, I can say a few things positive from Sheehan and the Liberals. Things that, unlike the SNC affair, affect your everyday life.

      1. They Amended the 2017 budget to allow unions the right to participate in trade cases. This alone is one of the main reasons we are working today and not laid off. We are in a better place today, specifically because of this change.

      2. The US 232 tariffs. The PM came to the Sault and met with us and took our recommendations to file counter-tariffs and make the money available for us to expand our production capability through the SIF. Hence, the Premium Line that is currently being installed.

      3. They created legislation that allows us to react to unfairly imported steel in real time, when surges happen. This has strengthened our trade remedies and we are better off today then we were 4 years ago. Before, we had to wait until their was damages, in the form of layoffs to respond properly.

      There is more they have done as well, but those are the top 3 that specifically have helped us.

      All the issues related to trade existed under the PCs. They didn’t care. And with the US 232 tariffs, the PCs said that we need to cave to President Trump. We met with Romano about getting their support in cross-border lobbying. He blew smoke and 3 days later, they issued a press release that we need to drop our tariffs first and capitulate to the corrupt Bully and chief south of the border.

      We are better off today then we have ever been in our 19 year history, and it is 100% because of our lobbying to the Liberals and their willingness to listen and adjust.

      Take it for what it is. If the SNC affair trumps the fact that we are working in today’s market opposed to in a mill-wide lay-off, the. That’s your prerogative.

      I do recall though, your rage during the provincial election in 2018. Although your rage is impressive and I feel you can be trained to put it to good use. I do recall a discussion with you where you did express regrets voting for Romano, after you seen the cuts that Doug Ford was making.

      It’s will be the same under Scheer. Same cuts but federally and more painful for all Canadians.

      Labour will still have your back though and we will fight against those cuts like we have in Ontario.

    • Robert Catling I always have a great day and I apologize: I never took you for a defender of women’s rights. Like your defence of the Vets, I hope to see you actually working to improve gender issues and Vets.

      Not just use social media to virtue signal on things you do absolutely nothing to help improve.

      I hope you aren’t too triggered man and we can still be friends.

      Take care

  5. The stupidity of Algoma continues. Miss Hughes would love to thank you for the great pension she will get for absolutely doing nothing . Poor fools

  6. I just love these types of control your mind propaganda polls. Remember President Hillary Clinton? The polls said it was a sure thing.

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