Statement from Mayor Provenzano on Federal Election results

Mayor Christian Provenzano

Mayor Christian Provenzano offered the following remarks on the 2019 Canadian Federal Election held on Monday, October 21.

β€œOn behalf of the City of Sault Ste. Marie and City Council, I congratulate Terry Sheehan on his re-election as our Member of Parliament. I have enjoyed developing a positive and productive relationship with Terry during his time on City Council and throughout the past four years while he has served as our MP. We have worked together to address important issues to Sault Ste. Marie – particularly, in relation to the steel industry and rural immigration pilot program – and I look forward to continue working with him in the future. I would also like to congratulate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government on re-election. I have found the Prime Minister and the government to be strong supporters of and partners with the City, and I look forward to further collaboration.

To all of the candidates who put their names forward, thank you for your time and your effort. It takes a lot of commitment and dedication to participate in a campaign and you should all be recognized and commended for your efforts. Our democracy depends on your participation, and your City is grateful for your respective contributions.

I also want to recognize all of the hard working volunteers and Elections Canada staff for making sure we all have the opportunity to vote. Your work is important, and I thank you for your efforts.”



    I respectfully submit the truth for needed purpose and motive without any reasonable doubt, in my mind

    Relevant to the voting age limits and earlier not everyone, actually, wants or accepts the representation of who all gets elected or acclaimed, in whatever election.

    That is a personal choice and true right or freedom, in the real way.

    I am clearly and wisely without any reasonable doubt, in my own mind

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    Good Long Time Proven Professional Political Analyst
    Good Long Time Proven Professional Public Activist
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  2. Turdeau wanted diversity, and he got it.
    Now the west wants to separate, Quebec thinks they already have separated, while the morons in the middle go back to their virtue signalling and self righteousness.

    Got woke. Now to go broke πŸ‘

    • Gracious me !

      I thought it would have been ~ somewhat ~ the other way around for goodness sakes !

      I sure have my own personal bones of contentions (analogy) that apply to ALL the candidates for years !

      That, naturally, so many in the electorate. Regardless of the outcomes I know it was never and is not merited acclaim by who all ended up with political titles while deliberatlely shirking responsibilities by

      Neither do I believe any governance is to be about a popularity contest of seekers of fame or glory nor whose the most enabled of their own personal choice at being at a CON ARTIST.

      I think this is the time for me to make it public that I chose NOT TO VOTE for anyone and only once through
      all by eligible years.

      That CHOICE is a credible true right and freedom without any reasonable doubt in my own mind.
      Really, despite all the lying about that BIG ISSUE.

      The once I did vote was when I did not know much about what was really going on in the mainly and awfully corrupt City, of the District of Algoma. I actually voted for a former MAYOR who turned out to be so experienced at being cunning, manipulative, applying intimidation tactics and mind games. A regular course of action in his weakened state of CHARACTER of CHOICE.

      I have been living and working in the local City for most of my life. Not in a reclusive nor hermit mode at all.

      The TRUTH, also, is that I have contributed in a very involved genuinely GOOD way for decades.

      The rest of the world is a seperate matter for the motive and purpose of my submission.

      My content is not automatically compatible or agreeable with the chosen thinking of the owner/staff of this on-line media operation or with, however, many others with whatever title etc.

      I respectfully request the you do not jump to conclusions.

      In case of vigorous opposition and resisitance with any of my above assertions, I respectfully request that you restrain yourselves. That is in public or in privacy. I mean from slandering, lying in another word or asssassinating my excellent character out of HATRED for me.

      I am pressed for time. It would be honest and fair to excuse any innocent oversights that may have impeded legibility and/or comprehension.

      Good Prolific Long Time Sensible Writer / Good Practical Mature Published Author

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