Survey Compares How The Sault Views Climate Change Compared To Rest of Country

THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang [Close caption]

A new study released by the University of Montreal sheds some light on the views of Canadians when it comes to Climate Change.  The survey was published today by the university and breaks down the results region by region and riding by riding, including Sault Ste. Marie.

The survey estimates and visualizes differences in opinion across the country, allowing a clearer picture of the diversity of Canadian perceptions, attitudes, and support for policy to come into focus.

In all,7 questions were asked and the results compiled.

When it comes to Sault Ste. Marie, when asked, Do you think the Earth is getting warmer, 85 % said yes compared to 83% Nationally.

Meanwhile 63% of Sault Ste. Marie residents  think the Earth is getting warmer mostly because of human activity compared to 60% Nationally.

When asked if you support Increased taxes on Carbon Based Fuels ,  54% in Sault Ste. Marie said yes matching the results of the Province and Nationally.  60% of those asked in Sault Ste. Marie also support a Cap and Trade System.

Model estimates in the maps were derived from public responses to the questions and you can view all the findings at


  1. Quit setting off nuclear bombs…2400 in the last 70 years; you know, just to make sure they work…Something we have no control over. Governments are literally blowing holes in the ozone and blaming everyone else for the planet’s decline. If 2 were set off 75 years ago and none since, just imagine how much better shape our atmosphere would be in…

  2. Whether or not you believe global warming is affected by humans, the ENTIRE scientific community is in agreement on the detriments of greenhouse gas emissions. It is grossly irresponsible to yourself, your descendants, and every living thing to make a gamble that the scientists are wrong.

    At least be open-minded about it instead of being a stubborn ass. Why voluntarily risk economic and ecological disaster when compromise exists?

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