VIDEO: City Asks for Input on Jamestown Area


On Wednesday, October 30th, Shape the Sault hosted one of their Design workshops to improve another area of the city, this time being Jamestown and the Anna Marinelli Park area.

Feedback gathered from these sessions is used to plan for improvements in this area of the city, and to develop long-term Official Plan policies.
Bringing in a professional landscape architect, Shape the Sault lent a hand in helping residents bring their ideas to life.
ONNtv stopped by the final design workshop.




    Structural upkeep though important within reason cannot activate or revive dormant, stagnate and
    regressive mindset CHOICES.

    I have spent a considerable amount of time and work, independently, searching into the big issues.

    They do go back to the sixties not that there were no serious problems, before in that area’s, history.

    Naturally, no street wherever has a perfect environment in the jurisdiction or wherever in the world. That is not in the least meant to minimize the seriousness of the amount of corruption. I mean deliberate crime in this City, of Sault, Ontario.

    It really is a big health, safety and environmental issue not only for those on James or nearby streets.

    In my person to person investigation it literally disgusts me, what is really going on for so long.

    I mean awful crime in and out of the system that I am aware of personally since the eighties.

    That likely is nothing new to you reading, though, I am sure lacking in enough awareness.

    How ironical that anyone would think of the locale in which was done the video as the heart of that part of Algoma . Nor of anywhere else in the Region.

    The enabling of the irresponsible foolish way is not good for anyone.

    Indolence is a serious defect of character that is not due to insanity nor some psychiatric game.

    Any disagreement would not be based on right thinking or sound judgment . Also neither due to insanity or the psychiatric nonsense.

    In addition pity and wanting to feel better at another’s expense is not at all part of the right way.

    I am sure in my own mind.

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    Freelance Writer/ Investigative Reporter
    Housing/Storage Rental Proprietress
    Wise Political Analyst/Public Activist
    Sensible Social Entrepreneur
    Long Time Mature Resident

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