VIDEO: Education Cuts Spark Protest at Romano’s Office


Outraged by recent cuts to education, local activists gathered at MPP Ross Romano’s office to voice their concerns over the province’s most recent funding cuts.

The protest, led by Michelle McCleave Kennedy, is just one of many held at Romano’s downtown office while he has been an elected official, and as always ONNtv was there to capture the event.


    • Due to change on the screen, in seconds, had there been a mechanism, I would have deleted ” Unsure of what has happened…………….. . “

  1. As a long time political analyst and public activist in the mature sense, I am seriously disgruntled with uncivil voicing, demonstration or airing of disagreement and anger.

    There has been and is necessary need for so long of serious systemic reform. I mean for more of the real practical kind. Cuts could result in moving towards that worthwhile outcome.

    Besides there sure is a huge over-population issue that needs to be addressed more as well as deliberate procreation for all the wrong reasons.

    Clearly in my mind.

    Home schooling and teaching sounds like a feasible alternative consideration that could motivate those that are suited to actually teach in dwellings in private creative types of settings.

    I mean serious teaching with good fun and interest to push for necessary change in the system.

    I do not have time for proof reading.

    If you would please keep that in your consideration.

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