VIDEO: Mayor Talks Ferrochrome at City Address


Mayor Christian Provenzano hosted the State of the City Address and the Budget 2020 Town Hall at the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre Thursday evening.

With the city offering free public transit to the event, individuals, organizations and businesses were invited to provide feedback to Council and City staff from various departments on the 2020 municipal budget.

The city also encourages input from those not able to attend, and released the following information on how to do so.

“For those unable to attend the Budget 2020 Town Hall, feedback and ideas can be shared in number of ways:

Beginning October 1, the City’s online budget tool will be available at This tool enables taxpayers to indicate the areas where they would like to see tax dollars utilized. The deadline to submit input using the budget tool is November 4, 2019.

Provide budget feedback on Facebook and Twitter @CitySSM #saultbudget

Email comments and questions to [email protected]

Call the Finance Department office at 705-759-5350 or fax ideas to 705-759-8447

Mail suggestions to: City of Sault Ste. Marie – Finance Department

99 Foster Drive, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 5X6

Visit to access previous years’ budget information. “

Above is a snippet from the Mayor’s address, discussing the Ferrochrome plant.

The full address will be aired ONNtv at a TBD air date.



    I wonder why the submitted paperwork for Algoma to be considered without so it seems sufficient apparent investigation beforehand.

    There was likely a unanimous vote otherwise definitely the majority to pass the motion.

    I can imagine what those especially who may have been serious about wanting this plant are thinking with this current local dilemma that reside elsewhere.

    It deeply grieves me what it seems to me did not get done relevant to the Paper Mill. I respectfully submit nor is being apparently, at all by those with the official I mean responsibilities.

    I am so grateful that my father was hired at the Steel Plant in the early 1950’s. Also for the many years of loyalty doing his job with determination to financially provide for our family. No matter our differences he merits public credit as does my mother regardless of disagreements. Their example of useful and needed PRODUCIVITY not WASTE will always continue to be a part of me by CHOICE.

    I am so appreciative of other family who got hired who did as well as however many are benefitting from a much NEEDED STEEL INDUSTRY.

    I am in the process of working out money as the beneficiary in my mind for the excellent knowledgeable competent innovative healthcare by me. I provided it with earnest dedication in person very difficult acquired skill of a highly developed level of competent professionalism. That is for a long time Steel Plant employee that naturally involved others. Also specialized legal assistance in this jourisdiction including in various Counties of the USA translating of course into extensive communication.

    All very hard WORK.

    Major deliberate self-serving cover-ups are neither baffling, confusing, fooling or manipulating me.

    Neither is the deliberate misleading obituary by who composed it based on so much untruth meant to fool and control the readership including others.

    In addition, his premature forced expiration had nothing to do with emissions and other such related conditions.

    It did have to do by CHOICE with serious lack of knowledge. Also awfully violating, uncompassionate, uncaring, inhumane treatment from within the systemic so called health care.

    The serious matter very much involves a number of local residents with the title of DOCTOR paid big bucks and others with or without other titles.

    Furthermore however many staff of the local police station, some Colorado and Goulais River inhabitants.

    Definitely in my own personal overview, involvement, CHOICE of perspective in truth and other good spiritual beliefs.

    I mean within reasonable/rational limitations.

    My communication is not based on religiosity nor legalism.

    It is for absolutely no wrong motive or improper purpose without any doubt whatsoever on my mind.

    This media personnel are not responsible for my content. Where relevant are to be commended for upholding human true rights is how I see it. That is in case of publication.

    I take complete responsibility for the material of complete reliable substance within this preparation by me.

    Definitely with the good kind of earned pride in my choice of thinking.

    Not in the least for fame, glory nor to harm anyone including myself.

    There really is no doubt at all in my own mind.

    My sincere goodwill in the real true sense.

    Reserved Copyright

  2. Mayor – “I won’t let ‘A bunch of unproven positives’ cloud my judgement in this decision.” What a disingenuous and crafty way to steer the conversation! What about how our real estate market could crash when people decide to move? What about young people not wanting to settle in or move back to a city with a steel plant AND a smelter polluting the air and water. What about our doctors and academics leaving? Don’t let his comments fool you, he is planning on going through with this. We have consulted with several environmental advocacy agencies and they have all said that the ‘rigorous EA process’ will not protect us from adverse environmental or health effects. Only us, the people, can say what we want or do NOT WANT in our city. To give you some context, a large part of the speech which wasn’t shown, was celebrating how we have lower unemployment rates than average (4.8% and expected to drop to 4.6% in 2020) and also informing that we have an aging demographic (47 vs the average of 40). He said we need to attract and retain youth to fill the jobs that cannot currently be filled in this city. Based on his own statements, we don’t need these extra jobs that the smelter will provide (and that will also surely push away and keep away our youth). To put our Great Lakes and our health at risk on the basis of jobs we don’t actually need and can’t currently fill is irresponsible in every possible way. Don’t be placated. Don’t stop fighting for what you know is right. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

  3. Lets face it SSM has a very poor track record taking care of peoples health & the environment, eg Paper Mill & Algoma Steel. So it`s very understandable for people to have major concerns. I applaud the Physicians who spoke up regarding their concerns, those concerns are shared by many people in and around the SSM area.

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