What would The Mastering of a Music City mean for Sault Ste. Marie?


On October 17th, a local working group comprised of the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce, Future Sault Ste. Marie, the Algoma Conservatory of Music, the SSM Local Immigration Partnership, the Downtown Association, the Water Tower Inn and the Algoma Fall Festival partnered with sponsors to host a day of events intended to put a spotlight on  the community’s musical talent, music tourism, venues, hospitality services, production facilities, and encourage more economic opportunity around the music industry.

According to the Chamber, a vibrant music economy drives value for cities in several important ways: job creation, economic growth, tourism development, city brand building and artistic growth. A strong music community has also been proven to attract other commercial investment, along with talented young workers who put a high value on quality of life, no matter their profession.

Through the generous support of their sponsors Music Canada, Destination Northern Ontario, Algoma University, the Community Development Corporation of Sault Ste. Marie & Area, Long & McQuade Musical Instruments and The Water Tower Inn, the working group kicked off ‘The Mastering of a Music City: Music City SSM’ with a special luncheon event. The event included featured key note addresses from singer/songwriter, Carole Pope, the Director of Culture & Entertainment Tourism with Tourism London, Chris Campbell, Director of Culture & Entertainment Tourism with Tourism London, and David MacLachlan, Executive Director of Destination Northern Ontario. Pope, Campbell and MacLachlan were then joined in a panel discussion by local musician Sean Halliday of the Local Immigration Partnership as well as Paul Dingle, Adjunct Professor of Music at Algoma University. Together, they discussed the various economic, marketing and job opportunities driven by the music industry.

ONNtv/SaultOnline was on hand to learn more about this exciting opportunity, as well as record the event to share with everyone in the Community. We encourage everyone to take a few minutes of your time to learn more about this initiative and offer up any support possible for this amazing working group who are driven by a passion to bring it to fruition.


  1. Sault radio stations have promoted local bands very little, if any. Listen to 101.5 and you hear Michigan bands quite a bit. Who has heard much of Rick Henry, Treble Charger or (RIP) Amethyst on local radio over the years? Not very often. Amethyst got more play (once) on Muchmusic when a video request of the White Pines cheerleaders got accepted.

  2. It’s Sault Ste. Marie- I’m sure they’ll find a way to screw it up, over complicate it, insult & alienate anyone from out of town, and be controlled by big-fish-small-pond egos.

  3. How do you even have this meeting without guys like Steve from loplops ,Nicole from dryer fire, Dustin Jones from Tidal, Jamie from OhNo, and heck even me. Do these people even know who’s actually bringing and supporting touring underground talent in SSM. Yikes

    • There were several invitations you may have missed J.D. including a Community Events Calendar posting and media release put up well in advance here on SaultOnline. Jump on board… they would be happy to have you guys involved! 🙂

  4. They should open up the gardens availability for outside promoters. And push for local acts to open for larger ones. Really make it worth while for local musicians to get better and have some big goals.

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