YMCA Gets City Go-Ahead to Put in Bid for New Building


City Council unanimously passed a resolution during Tuesday evening’s meeting that granted the Sault Ste. Marie YMCA approval to go ahead with their plans to build a new facility at its current location on McNabb St. upon funding approval from the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program: Culture and Recreation Stream.

YMCA CEO Tracy Cook told council the current 54-year-old building has aged to a point where it’s no longer able to meet the needs of its members or the community at large.

Cook said a recent assessment done on the building showed over $3.5 million in current needs for the building as well as future needs and maintenance.

That being said, the Board of Directors has decided that the YMCA needs a new building, which will cost $24-$27 million. Cook said YMCA will be required to contribute around 26.6 per cent of the total cost of the project, doing so through an aggressive capital campaign fundraiser.

Cook explained that this will be an engaging process involving community input and ideas on “what they would like to see their Y be.”

The new build will continue to include services currently offered by the Y, such as child care spaces, community programming, health and wellness initiatives and servicing the underserviced.

YMCAs built over the last decade involve a unique partnership between the Y and the municipality where they exist, Cook told City Council, saying she hopes a partnership can be created in the Sault, where the YMCA has been for 119 years.  


  1. go build a new one as part of the dead mall across the road , it will be way cheaper and no parking issues at all.

  2. More irresponsible thinking and planning by deliberate choice.
    No excuse for the repeated ongoing foolishness by also wilful choice.

    Absolutely none without a doubt in my own mind.
    My motive is not at all vindictive nor in the least to try ruin anyone.

  3. No reasonable justification nor is there any excuse for the continued spoiled immature, irresponsible thinking and such chaotic wasteful mismanagement.

    Way over the line without a doubt in me for too long for no good reason only lies, excuses and mind games.

    I am within true rights and freedoms in accordance to genuinely good spiritual ways to assert and defend my credible claims.

    Also without a doubt .

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