Cellphone restrictions in Ontario classrooms go into effect today


TORONTO — New restrictions on the use of cellphones in classrooms across Ontario go into effect today.

The directive says students can only use personal mobile devices during instructional time if it’s for educational purposes, for health or medical purposes, or for special needs.

Some schools already have similar policies, but the directive sets a provincial standard.

Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative government conducted education consultations last year, and respondents overwhelmingly favoured some sort of restriction on phones in class.

The Toronto District School Board used to have a cellphone ban, but reversed it after four years to let teachers dictate what works best for their classrooms.

A 2015 London School of Economics and Political Science paper found that “student performance in high-stakes exams significantly increases” with a ban on mobile phones.


The Canadian Press


  1. There always was phone rules. 🙄 Each class has a holder, kids drop there phones in it when entering the class. Kids were also allowed to use it if the teacher wanted them to for school work. Teachers aren’t that incapable in class that they don’t make rules. This was a useless waste of time when these rules already existed.

  2. Be prepared for counseling sessions for separation anxiety disorders and texting addicts. Lots of group hugs today.

  3. Don’t worry the kids will go home and whine to the parents and the parents will organize a protest in front of Romano’s office. Can’t upset the little darlings you know.

  4. What if a shooting happens or fire n kids are trapped if collapses who you gonna call for help or let ppl know you need help? Have to think of all odds not just the teachers embarrassed about not being able to teach right I take no sides there should be something done taking phones wont work been doing since 2007 failed need regulations if ppl remember how old comps worked in the library when signed in you only get a certain time and can only certain sites and the school can look up all you done on it how did tech devolve compared to the 90s just saying obviously dont want kids playing on phones while in class but cant restrict doesnt work never has srry just my opinion;)

    • Chris J Syrette …the sky is falling…the sky is falling…really! As a retired teacher, I can’t imagine trying to keep students’ attention and teach a lesson when they’re tuned into their phones. This is too long in the coming.

      • Then you do like the days before cel phones…teacher in the next class, office, staff room, the solutions are endless that don’t require a student to have a cel phone in class!

    • Wow, catastrophic events should allow 30 students to have phones on in class? I’m sorry, this isn’t America. We can’t be afraid of everything that couldn’t happen. Computers or iPads are in almost every classroom where they are needed. Other then being disruptive, there is no reason to have cell phones. If you are really that worried, get them a beeper.

    • Josh Gauthier I dont think those things exist any more let alone the person have time to use it to msg if does happen havent yous herd of text to talk you can speak to it itl msg for you how old are yous haha tell me all the bad side il show you all the good yous are praciticly telling me if lost in the woods it’s better to make smoke signals then to have GPS makes no sence yes have restrictions like I said but dont take away there just scared cause the phone can teach them better then a teacher and then ppl will realize theres no use paying for school when can learn for free or use common sence tell me all the cons il tell you all the pros I wonder how all of yous are msging now and probly from work should take away from work school everywhere let’s go back to cavemen lol srry I see no logic behind it only the few kids the parents dont teach how to use properly

    • Chris J Syrette please telling me the pro’s of kids having a cell phone in school. Calculators are not needed. Unless you want caveman kids. Msging anyone is not needed. Sending notes was wrong because you weren’t paying attention. Creating caveman kids. Please tell me all of the pro’s that cell phones create, that does not create stupid people. Socially awkward people. Keyboard warriors. Sending child pornography. Your pros seem to devalue teachers and empower those with no will to be educated

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