City Asked to Implement Free All-Day Parking for Veterans on Remembrance Day

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City Councillors Matthew Shoemaker and Corey Gardi are bringing forth a resolution during Monday evening’s Council meeting to implement free all-day parking for veterans with a poppy license plate on Remembrance Day.

“The City of Sault Ste. Marie currently offers two-hour free parking at municipal parking lots and on-street parking spaces to veterans who have the poppy licence plates throughout the year,” the resolution states.

“Whereas on Remembrance Day, events in the downtown core honouring the sacrifices of those veterans are often longer than two hours in length.

“Now Therefore Be It Resolved that every year on Remembrance Day, veterans with a poppy licence plate be granted free parking at all municipal parking lots and on-street parking spaces for the entire day.”


  1. I agree πŸ’― that veterans and active duty soldiers should have free parking 365 days a year!! They should never have to struggle and definitely should never be homeless!! They should never have to suffer alone and should always always be treated with the respect that they deserve for the sacrifice they have given for this great country that because of them we are able to be free and safe!

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