Compliments fresh-cut vegetables recalled due to possible Listeria

Compliments Fresh Vegetables

OTTAWA — The Canadian Food Inspection Agency say Sobeys Inc. is recalling Compliments brand fresh cut vegetable products due to possible Listeria contamination.

The products, which include Sweet Kale Blend, Vegetable Platter with a Ranch Dip, Broccolini, Cauliettes – Chopped Cauliflower, Power Green Blend and Green Beans, all have best before dates of Oct. 31, 2019.

They were sold across Canada, and anyone who has them should either throw them out or return them to the store where they were purchased.

There have been no reports of illness linked to the products, however, Listeria poisoning symptoms can include vomiting, nausea, fever, muscle aches, severe headache and neck stiffness.


  1. Ok seriously.. what has gone wrong with Ontario’s food supply.?

    Every second day there is another ‘Notice of Recall’ mostly & lately with vegetables, but I’ve also noticed recalls on beef, pork, chicken & fish.. all of it poisoned with Listeria & or e-coli.

    Is Ontario’s food supply ‘Under-Attack’ & is The Canadian Food Inspection Agency trying to cover it up by recalling the contaminated food in such a way as to make it appear as Isolated incidents.. or are these grocery stores refusing to follow the provincial guidelines & crossing their fingers hoping that not too many of us get sick after eating these poisoned products.?

    These ‘recalls’ are getting hard to ignore.. it’s bad enough we have to suffer through a gauntlet of new & imposed taxes or the roledex of facilitated excuses such as insurance, shipping, inflation, theft, fuel costs & or minimum wage hikes.. now we have to carry a mile-long list of products that could kill us because we didn’t launch a comprehensive ‘research’ campaign on the very few products we can even afford to purchase in the first place.

    Maybe if we spent a little less time assassinating foreign leaders, toppling governments & traveling the globe looking to ‘import’ refugees from the various wars we’re supporting.. we could maybe post a sign at our local college job-fair or maybe even write a couple of ‘good-news’ stories encouraging local residents & families to ‘Start a Farm’.?

    I’m not suggesting we form yet another report, committee, action group, round-table session or a rate-payers association. Submitting a couple hundred grant-applications per year, creating yet another ‘community garden’ that never gets planted..

    I’m talking about seriously reclaiming our farming industry & taking control of our own food supply..

    Maybe It’s time to demand our government stop shelling out billions of dollars to other countries who buy our food from one coast & ship it all the way around the planet to a port on the opposite coast.

    What is going on that we can’t grow a head of lettuce & get it to the table without killing some-one.. just sayin’

    Strange daze indeed..

    • Brenda Paradis Willoughby It’s unavoidable. It’s in the environment everywhere. Soil, vegetation, literally everywhere. All of them. Listeria, e-coli etc.. any vegetable or meat can have it.

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