Council Votes in Favour of Shopping Cart, Veterans’ Parking Bylaws


City council voted unanimously to write a bylaw requiring all retailers in the city that offer shopping carts to implement a cart-management systems or face penalties for not doing so.

This resolution was brought forward by Coun. Matthew Shoemaker, who made it clear he was talking about Walmart, who instead of making an effort to collect carts scattered throughout the city themselves, leaves the job to city workers.

“There is a large retailer with blue colours and a yellow sun as their emblem that does not pay an individual in town to go pick up the carts,” he said during Monday’s meeting.

“Theirs are the ones that you see most often around town.”

Shoemaker said he sees carts all over the city, in areas such as the Pine and McNabb St. bus stop (8), the bus stop near Cara Community Housing (20), and the pathway from Sault College to Pine Street (5-6).

“This for those retailers that refuse,” Shoemaker explained saying that bylaw is for the retailers that don’t already collect their own carts in some way.

“This will make sure there is a mechanism in place to recover their carts,” he said, mentioning other communities that already have this bylaw in place, such as Guelph, Kitchener, London, Markham, Mississauga, Ottawa  and Toronto.

Coun. Lisa Vezeau-Allen pointed out that people with disabilities or economic disadvantages use shopping carts as a means to carry food to their residences, urging council to dig into the larger issues behind this crisis and help people obtain food in a safer manner.

City Council also unanimously passed a bylaw allowing veterans with a poppy license plate free all-day parking in at all municipal lots and on-street parking spaces on Remembrance Day.

“It’s just a way of ensuring no one is getting a ticket for being at a Remembrance Day celebration,” Coun. Shoemaker, who brought forward this motion, said.

Currently, veterans are allowed two hours of free parking throughout the year.


  1. Hi Fellow Residents

    Gracious me, the power trips, legalism, religiosity, intellectualizing are so not about

    Nor respectful or humane without any doubt in me.

    I am not condoning nor enabling deliberate vagrancy nor slothfulness
    and indolence.

    I am advocating the sensible working of the mind.

    Also, naturally, it’s reasonable and practical application.

  2. How about concentrate on the inept people that couldn’t finish the job on city hall and a hundred other more important issues?

  3. This is theft plain and simple. Only in SSM do we condone stealing. This by-law should have been written up making it illegal to push shopping carts from stores or businesses down the street that way the thieves would be held responsible. People can not just take something that does not belong to them no matter the reason or the value. These businesses should demand that charges be laid and if Shoo does not like that then he should be sitting in the parking lot offering rides.

  4. Fine the people who take the shopping carts off the property, if they don’t have means of getting groceries home use the cart but walk your ass, plus the cart back!!

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