Does the Sault Have a Shopping Cart Problem?

Shopping Cart
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Are there too many shopping carts in the streets?

Coun. Matthew Shoemaker is bringing forth a resolution during Monday evening’s meeting in hopes to clear up this nuisance in the city.

Seconded by Coun. Marchy Bruni, Shoemaker’s resolution states that “it is a civic responsibility of all businesses and residents in the City of Sault Ste. Marie to maintain the property standards and beauty of our City.”

“It is common for shoppers to leave various retail stores with their shopping carts to facilitate their bringing home of groceries or other goods,” the resolution says.

“Most often, shopping carts that leave a retail store’s property are left abandoned on sidewalks, boulevards or paths throughout the City. Many retail stores use local services to retrieve and recover shopping carts that are abandoned throughout the City, however certain retail stores do not use local services to retrieve their shopping carts, allowing them to become a neighbourhood nuisance, and requiring taxpayer-funded Public Works employees to attend at various areas throughout the City to retrieve and dispose of the abandoned shopping carts,” it continues.

Shoemaker and Bruni are requesting that both the Legal and Public Works Departments can come up with a drafted by-law to help mitigate this issue, “that would require retailers that use shopping carts to develop a shopping cart management plan for the retrieval and return of abandoned shopping carts outside of that retailer’s property boundaries.”

“Further Be It Resolved that the draft by-law ensures enforcement mechanisms are in place for retailers that do not comply or uphold their shopping cart management plan, once developed, or, alternatively, that penalties are in place for failing to develop a shopping cart management plan,” the resolution states.



  2. Lets not worry about real problems though…. You wanna solve the problem? Lock all four wheels instead of two. Once it leaves the area, like they had at Walmart downtown.

    Or, charge five dollars deposit, upon return of cart, you get your deposit back.

    More by-laws? Penalties? Really? We’re going to charge the business for peoples irresponsible actions now? My God, we wonder why no one wants to build anything here.

    Sault Ste. Marie wont be here in twenty years with the backwards thinking and refusals of new ideas.

    Lol, but lets make more by laws, and when people who steal the carts, or don’t bring them back, we charge the business for the carelessness of others.

    Good old Sault Suck Marie, and its elected morons, by morons*

    *Morons means some not all*

  3. It’s THEFT no matter how you look at it….and we’re ALL to blame because we see it and allow it to happen.

  4. I literally see people everyday walking away from stores with the carts and I find it sooooo annoying and low class
    Who does this?
    Ugh 😑
    If you don’t drive, make arrangements
    The carts aren’t yours to take home 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Dana Dutchak poverty and lack of accessibility isn’t an excuse for poor behaviour and breaking rules
      The carts belong to stores, they aren’t to take. The fact that people can walk away with them without shame or embarrassment is astonishing
      It’s stealing.

    • returning what belongs to someone else after you have had the privilege of using it, has nothing to do with how poor or how rich you are. It has everything to do with character and respect.

    • Cathy Reinke what about mental health? Addictions? Poverty? Inter-generational trauma? I wonder if those things impact “character and respect”. I’m not saying people should steal carts, I’m encouraging you to think more about the carts as a symptom of the above issues and less about how “low class” it seems.

    • Dana Dutchak Sure, those things will have influence on character, but ultimately personal choice is the greatest factor of them all. Just stop and think for a second somebody literally told you they had been on the poverty line and didnt think that it was an excuse for taking shopping carts and you mocked them. There will always be that segment of people who genuinely have an excuse for not being responsible for their behavior, but unless someone starts investigating individuals none of us can really say why exactly people are taking the carts and ditching them.

    • Melanie D’Orazio actually there some store that will let you push your cart home if it’s not too far as long as you return it right after that’s up the owner
      Mind you I would suck it up and walk with all my bags if they are willing to trust you that’s their decision so because you drive a car your high class ? Lol just your comment alone makes you sound low class

    • Barbie Michelle Isabelle Siegwart if you returned the cart that would be a different story
      You know as well as I do the people who take the carts never intend to return them
      I love how everyone makes assumptions as to what “I” am- stick to the matter at hand, cart theft- and the nuisance it cause to various operations in the city

    • As soon as I read your input I burst out in laughter of the good kind.
      I really do not mean mockery.

      When I have been heard laughing in a formal meeting oh do however many get irked at me ! I do not mean demonstrating that, openly, all at once. Some I have reason to think only behind my back with apparent PUNISHMENT in mind, action or inaction. That is how it looks to me. I mean amidst those on official council and others on that payroll through the Civic Centre in respect to the issue of EMOTION or not . Even mere presence . The atmosphere can get so formally stifling in all of the legalism creating confusion not in the least productive at all far too often of the time.

      Civic mindedness is not an actual attribute of character amidst
      any to my personal awareness to date.

      I mean it. Neither is genuine respect for JUSTICE in the true sense.

      Neither does RESPECT really seem of true importance .

      I mean in the real not phony sense.

      There is too much of the unmerited kind though respect of course within reason is meant for all. Definitely in my choice of good not bad or wrong spiritual beliefs. I sure do not mean religiosity. Nor am I promoting or advocating hatred of anyone including those immersed into indigenous spirits.

      Not in the least to ruin anyone is my purpose or motive at all.
      There is absolutely no reasonable doubt at all in my mind.

      I chose to not take time to pay attention to commas or other sentence structure a lot because of the, pressure of time and other valuable resources.

      I remember being at a campaign meeting held years ago now at what today is called MONTANA’S on the river front.

      The look that Mr. Joe Fratesi gave me ….oh my oh my ….for no good reason. After that public gathering ended I recall the late Mr. Roswell offering me a ride home. I was glad to have met his mother. Already I think I had met his father and eventually his spouse per phone as well as a son, a daughter-law I am pretty sure online. Also I recall in person the latter’s sister. It was through the late Mr. Roswell that I became acquainted with the late Mr. Ted Brooks and his widow.

      I am serious indeed.

      Getting back to the issue of MOCKERY, not in the least am I laughing at and I am sure of it .

      Where the present MONTANA’S, I do not think I even showed any emotion of any kind.

      I sure do remember such a look meant to intimidate the daylights out of me (analogy). There is no doubt in me at all. I mean years ago by Mr. Joseph Fratesi before or after at some point he attempted to confuse who all let him about me within Algoma and where all else.

      No minor issue at all no matter how long into the past it is a big unsettled matter of true JUSTICE .

      It sure is a huge public issue no matter who all wants to dodge it enabling the domino(analogy) kind of affect part of the far to serious COVER UP.

      By choice not in least innocence in however many to date.

      In case you think that is too far in the past not relevant to current times, I am sure that is not a wise nor accurate political analysis.

      Nor the reliable TRUTH in the actual facts of reality.

      My views, beliefs and published assertions are not necessarily those of the owner or staff of Sault Online.

      My motive and purpose are not in the least to ruin anyone.

      There is absolutely no reasonable doubt whatsoever in me, no matter any current amount of resistance or opposition by whomever.

    • I agreed with you in a response not long winded (analogy) with nonsense at all.

      Neither was it a really short one.

      I actually included some names off topic in that part except in reply to your input.

      A big unsettled justice issue of the true not grand standing, pointless kind was included in it.

      Not whining just asserting what needs to be not in the least to want to ruin anyone.

      Nonetheless, it got removed from what I can figure out.

  5. The only problem lies in Shoemaker’s head. There is no problem with shopping carts other than the people that steal them. The store owners pay people a few bucks a piece to pick them up and return them as they are worth about $300 each. There are many far more important issues that he should be focusing his hyperactive imagination on.

    • The legalism has been already a huge issue for too long.

      Enabling it with more is so much waste and pointlessness.

      There are reasonable ways to address this.

      Really !

      Incredible the avoidance of what needs to be in Public Works and themselves as administrators.

      I mean carts or no carts left wherever.

      There are way bigger messes than those not that I think there is no cart issue.

  6. We don’t have a shopping cart problem, we have a shopping accessibility problem. We have an abject poverty problem. We very definitely have a transportation problem. But a shopping cart problem? Way to confront the symptom rather than any of the causes.

  7. The problem is some people don’t respect what doesn’t belong to them and feel entitled. Also they think its someone else’s job to return them.
    There is a gentleman with a truck and trailer going around picking up carts all over town. The stores pay him per cart he returns. The rest of up have to pay for the lazy ones.

  8. Driving home at noon on Sunday ….. three different people pushing three different shopping carts on South Market coming from Food Basics….. so yeah….. there’s definitely a problem….

  9. The businesses supply the carts for the convenience of the shopper at a high cost. It is not their fault when the carts are removed and taken off the premises.They should not have to be pay the price for that.

  10. Ya they do every time I walk through the bush behind basics down where I live in East end there’s like six shopping carts from basics and they’re just thrown in the bush yeah they need to do something about it but it’s gonna cost money but their are more important things they can use the money for other than shopping carts

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