Ford Conservatives kill bill to save lives on Northern highways: NDP


QUEEN’S PARK – NDP MPP Guy Bourgouin released the following statement after Doug Ford’s Conservatives voted against Bill 125, Making Northern Ontario Highways Safer Act.

Bourgouin’s bill sought to improve winter highway maintenance on highways 11 and 17 in order to reduce the number of winter closures and collisions on Northern Ontario roads.

“The Ford Conservative government has shamelessly put a price on the lives of people that tragically die and get injured on Northern Ontario highways every winter.

While the Liberals privatized and de-regulated winter highway maintenance, Doug Ford’s Conservatives are taking us from bad to worse by voting down a bill that could have improved the quality of our roads, and saved lives.

Doug Ford’s northern ministers Greg Rickford, Ross Romano and Vic Fedeli all skipped the vote, preferring to toe Ford’s line rather than stand up and protect northern families.

Northern Ontarians will remember their unforgivable decision to support Doug Ford over northern drivers who will continue to risk their lives this winter.”


  1. Typical Dipper press release, Light on details but heavy in condemnation. Anybody consider that the bill put forward was a terrible idea?
    You all probably didn’t just happier in your blame the evil Ford than face the reality that not every plan is workable. Any details on where the bill fell short?

  2. How absolutely disgusting. This jack ass shouldn’t not have even been voted in. How about us home care workers that travel home to home not only within city limits but also down the line? While we care for your loved ones who get to stay comfortably in their own homes only because if the simple fact that they have us coming to to provide care? So basically what jack ass Ford is saying that our lives don’t matter? Or what about our tow truck drivers or emergency responders who are also on the highways? Are you to say that their lives also do not matter? Well Mr. Ford you need to give your head a shake. The problem with government as far as I’m concerned and this is my opinion is you all have a hidden agenda are not for the people.

  3. Pathological liars may i please have a pass to planet Dilusional with You Brenda. The PCs and Ford promised 10 cent a litre cut at the gas pumps. What about the cut In Hydro prices as promised and more accountability to the people. Yes the buck a beer is truly a blessing cause we are all going to need it to drink ourselves into a comatose state of Ford leadership.

  4. First time I voted conservative in my life and will be my last. I have defended Ford for all the cuts but this one is life and death.
    So happy to see our representatives are a bunch of cowards. I’ll know who not to vote for in the next election. I will no longer defend Ford anymore and take the side of the teachers and the nurses and whoever else is being affected by the cutbacks.
    A very dissatisfied constituent.

  5. Doug Ford is so low in the polls that even his own party is talking coup.Only reason he won last election was not because of his name but the revolt against Wynne

  6. Great representation, Romano…..NOT. You should be ashamed of yourself. You sure took care of yourself first and not the people you are supposed to represent. I hope you never have to attend a funeral for someone who needlessly died on our deplorable northern highway, as I have.
    SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on you.

  7. The only reason everyone is crying around this post is due to the uncontrollable spending done by previous governments…! Crying about this, crying about that…! The reality is, the more you all whine about getting free service, the greater the debt it will be. Thus, how do you repay that debt…? More taxes…oh no…more crying….! For a country that has the most natural ressources of the world to be had and yet living with such debt, only goes to prove that the society is gullible to the crooks that are running the show…! Real what you sow folks…!

    • Yvon Gallant you obviously don’t pay attention to the news, otherwise you’d know Ford is spending more than Wynne while cutting services. He was then faced with terrible popularity numbers so he’s now backtracking and spending even more in an attempt to buy popularity, while still cutting in key areas. How does this make any sense at all?

    • Mike McCleary Spending is being done in strategically calculated areas to increase in revenues to get Ontario back in control of its deficit…! And who in particular was abusing this spending of the Liberals that didn’t generate a revenue to counteract the rising debt…? Ontarians…! So, yes, it will hurt for a bit, but you all can’t whine and cry like two year old wanting candy 24/7…!

    • I think people are mad since Romano clearly didn’t show up because he would have been forced to toe the line and vote against it with conservatives like he did with Bill 148 that took minimum wage increases, sick days, set scheduling away from people who really needed it, especially in Sault Ste Marie. He’s just trying to save face as much as he can while paying Ford back for his ministers appointment. He could have showed up and voted against it but it is easier to explain away a no show than voting against something people in his riding wanted, regardless if it is affordable. Then again why is it the public sector has their wages frozen at 1% increases and the biggest earners get a 14% raise? If you are really concerned about the budget shouldn’t it be from the top down?

    • Derek Lendrum yes my wife was NDP candidate, but my opinions are 100% driven by personal beliefs and not my wife’s political affiliations.

      You may fail to see that but that’s your shortcoming, not mine.

    • Mike McCleary I’m a firm believer that we should all pay for our healthcare services like we did back in the time…! Heck, I’m all for social services, but firmly believe all Ontarians should pay for it first hand, then they could smoke and drink their life away with higher fees and taxes to pay for services. But for now, the debt is a priority and needs to be put in check; something the NDP, the Liberals, and the Greens don’t seem to grasp too well…!

  8. When did news start getting written so subjectively and not objectively?? This article is written so subjectively its sickening. Sault online how about you write this like news used to be written….objectively! And let the reader come up with their own conclusions, instead baiting people into your opinions about our government and get the other side of the story. This is the reason our society is becoming so divided.

    • Morgan Catrenna you’re going to tell me this article is written subjective?? PC or liberal, news is so objective now its sick and people got to start calling these news outlets out on how they write articles

    • Scott Dickson PC needs to go! Plain and simple. Ford government has there own agenda. Their platform during election was fraud.
      As for subjective, this is truth. Ross Romano should be ashamed of himself for not attending and not protecting “for the people”.

    • Morgan Catrenna I really don’t care about CP or liberal and my point has nothing to do with party agendas. It’s the way news outlets delivers news. They are not supposed to pick sides just write the facts and let people decide. And just calling me a PC supporter makes you just as bad as what the news does. Don’t just assume, cause you know what they say about assuming lol.

    • Morgan Catrenna read the article again, now read an article from 25 years ago. You wont see statements like, “The Ford Conservative government has shamelessly put a price on the lives of people that tragically die and get injured on Northern Ontario highways every winter.” Really?!?

      • Scott it’s a press release by the NDP not an article written by a news agency. Go back 25 years and learn how to read and comprehend. Political parties have been putting out press releases since then. Scott, please be smarter next time.

    • Scott Dickson As the story suggests, this is a media release sent for publication by an opposing party of the current provincial government: “NDP MPP Guy Bourgouin released the following statement”. Our team will continue to always attempt to maintain an unbiased platform where releases sent to us by any political party can be published. By doing so, we hope this encourages viewers to hold constructive dialog and debate, as is happening here, which will benefit both our elected officials and you their constituents. We regularly publish releases sent by the current provincial PC government, why should we bury those sent from the opposition?

    • Scott Dickson while I want to support you against my friend Morgan, because she’s obviously a tax and spend Liberal, I just can’t on this one. This isn’t a Sault Online piece, but an NDP bias perspective argument. All they’re doing is reporting a press release from the NDP.

    • Sault Online don’t forward bias crap from either party and just write your own news, objectively. It’s like saying, “you didn’t hear it from me and I didn’t say it, but.” That’s being a shit disturber and causes divide. Maybe if all news grew some balls and stop forwarding this stuff and stopped being puppets to politicians.

    • Scott Dickson so what you are saying is that we should only report releases sent to us from the party you voted for and/or rewrite releases based on our own views and what we want our viewers to get from doing so. Isn’t that asking us to do exactly what you are accusing us of in the first place? Seems the best solution is to continue doing what we’ve been doing, this is what the PC’s would like to say, the Liberals, the NDP, and let you the voter decide what view you would like to support at election time.

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