Ford, Moe and Higgs to announce deal on development of small nuclear reactors


TORONTO — Three of Canada’s premiers will announce they’ll fight climate change by working together on small nuclear reactors, a company that’s developing the technology says.

New Brunswick-based ARC Nuclear Canada says in a news release that its president will attend a signing ceremony Sunday between the provinces of New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan to work in collaboration on the modular reactors “in an effort to mitigate the effects of climate change.”

The Ontario government says Premier Doug Ford will meet with Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe and New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs for an announcement at a hotel near Pearson International Airport on Sunday afternoon.

Spokespeople with Moe’s and Ford’s offices confirm the announcement is connected to an agreement on technology for small modular reactors.

Moe said earlier this month that nuclear power has to be deployed in a big way around the world to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, noting his province is well positioned to support more nuclear power with its large reserves of high-grade uranium ore.

ARC Canada, which has its head office in Saint John, says its mission is to commercialize an advanced small modular reactor that it says “provides safe, reliable, economically competitive and carbon-free energy.”


Note to readers: This is a corrected strory. An earlier version stated spokespeople confirmed the announcement was connected to an agreement with ARC Canada, when in fact they said it was to do with technology for small modular reactors.