Ford’s Mini-Budget Fails Sault Ste. Marie Says Liberal Leadership Candidate


SUDBURY, ON – The Ford government introduced its mini-budget today and it fails Sault Ste. Marie and northern Ontario charged Steven Del Duca, Ontario Liberal Leadership Candidate.

Del Duca delivered his response to the Fall Economic Statement from Sudbury, the gateway to Ontario’s North.

“Ford is a bull in a china shop, his ministers are so distracted by his tweets, his outbursts and scattershot policy that they aren’t focused on the things that matter – and that’s meant Sault Ste. Marie has been ignored,” said Del Duca.

“We have tremendous potential in Sault Ste. Marie and what we need is action. That’s why I’m calling on the government to introduce a Northern Ontario Action Plan.”

The first part of Del Duca’s Northern Ontario Action Plan includes:

–        High speed internet access for northern & rural Ontario

–        More investment for roads and bridges

–        Better access to medical doctors in the north

–        Building capacity for autism services in the north

–        A full review of provincial organizations to see if any of them can be expanded to northern communities

Del Duca continues to meet with Northern Ontarians to discuss proposals for the North.

“Doug Ford has been busy settling old scores: meddling in Toronto city council elections, picking fights with unions and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. What we actually need is a new relationship between Queen’s Park and northern Ontario.”

“If we’re going to open a new office we should look to Sault Ste. Marie. The cost of housing is low, and quality of life is high. We should decentralize government when it makes sense.”

“What Sault Ste. Marie needs is a plan and a vision to make life better, to make it easier to start and expand businesses, and to make retiring in the north easier with more access to care. That’s what I’m focused on and those would be my priorities for the north as premier.”

“Sault Ste. Marie has a critical role to play in Ontario’s future. We need to make it possible for young people to work, live and retire in Sault Ste. Marie and other northern communities. Sault Ste. Marie and northern Ontario are facing a shortage of skilled labour, doctors and nurses. The government has to act,” finished Del Duca.

The Ontario Liberal Party will hold a Northern debate in Sudbury on January 12, 2019. Del Duca continues to meet with northern Ontarians and will release his full Northern Platform before that date.


  1. Fellow Residents & International Readers

    I would like to put more attention to every post .

    I am under the serious pressure of time.

    In case anyone who posts is from other than Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario in North America would you like to make that known through this, business option ?

    Not in the least do I intend that to minimize the importance of input from within the local area.

    In addition, the extended District or Region for who may not know called Algoma.

    It is where I have been living and working in most of my life.

    I was born in Italy, a Country as you likely know in the Continent of Europe.

  2. We dumped the Liberals….for just cause. Now many want to dump Ford. Surely few are suggesting we try the NDP…again !!!! We are in a mess.

  3. It’s supposed to fail………so you get your ducks back in a row and on budget. If you keep giving people more free money there’s no incentive to do a good job.

  4. In other words being responsible not to affect the rebuilding of an economy that the Liberals were inadvertently ignoring and lining up their own pockets…! #ResponsibleFiscalManagement

      • Hate to tell you but I’m retired with my pension and enjoying it as well I worked for 40 years find a job my cpp is increasing next year $5 a month.

    • John….the main reason our power bills are so high is the ‘green energy’ scam that has given way too much money to the solar and windmill farm owners (liberal party cronies for the most part) over the past decade.
      If you’re not aware paying upwards of 80 cents per kilowatt hour for ‘green energy’ and charing consumers about 9 or 10 cents per kilowatt hour was not a fiscally prudent plan.
      We’re paying for Liberal government ‘green energy’ frauds and will continue to do so for decades.

    • Josh Gauthier how about “i’ll act in the best interests of my riding and country”

      “Climate change is a left wing scam”

      “We can’t afford to implement free post-secondary education”

      “Im a fiscal conservative”

    • Travis Valois All politicians are liars, cheats and thieves doing nothing but lining their own pockets. Fifteen years of mega lying libs makes it necessary to choose another party that may be lying less. Then you have the ndp, who are the commie party of Canada. Let’s see how many of them won’t support Remembrance Day this year. No matter which way you cut it, Canadians are fu#ked.

    • Josh Gauthier I’m still waiting for the 10 cent drop at the pumps Ford promised – never happened. The drop was nation wide and market forced, we didn’t see the promised 10 cent drop at the pumps Ford promised.

    • Arturo Webb the NDP does not support the elimination of the marketplace so to call them communist is ignorant and misguided. To call them commie as an insult like they’re China or the USSR is also unfounded, so either way this opinion of yours is worthless.

    • Arturo Webb whether or not one is educated on climate change research is one thing. To brush off 11,000 scientists because you’re anti-left is another. It’s an irresponsible economic gamble and disrespectful to your kids and grandkids.

      If billions of people stopped burning coal, gas and supporting industrial farming, and that has even the tiniest tangible effect on mitigating the greenhouse gas effect, than its worth it.

      • Ryan. Climate Change was created through a fraud(Global Warming). It remains so(that is a fact). Google Michael Mann. He perpetrated the fraud. By the way. Now that it’s called ‘climate catastrophe’ — the 5th incarnation of Global Warming — do you not feel duped? Also, not one prediction in Al Gore’s fictional movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ has occurred. Not one of over 40 climate/population disaster that has been put forth for over 40 decades has come to pass. Feeling duped yet?

    • Ryan Gagne those aren’t lies. You are certainly adding your own beliefs to it. With little to no logic. With a debt we can’t afford to give anything away for free? Throwing money at the gov will fix climate change? good try though. With a little research and logic, you will see it clearly.

    • To suggest the CPC is the party of lesser lies implies a poor understanding of the economic theory underlying our political landscape. Just to clear things up: the left wing agenda is to optimize the economic machine by way of government. The right wing agenda supports the free market, otherwise known as an unregulated capitalist system.

      As a principle right wing parties are balls deep in corporate money. Conservatives are anti-tax in general, and hide tax cuts to billionaires in omnibus bills that the common person will never notice.

      Democratic socialists want to reallocate the massive hordes of money extorted out of our pockets by the ultra-wealthy. It’s stale money because it doesn’t move around, it just accumulates. As a result of greed, they are mischaracterized as BAD by wealthy-owned media corporations.

      Liberal Party of Canada politicians are centrists who pander to the popular opinions just to stay in power. They’re also swayed by the corrupting influence of money in politics by virtue of doing nothing to stop it.

      But the biggest lie on Earth is that conservatives view the working class as anything but wage slaves.

    • Ryan Gagne at no point did I say you lack education. You lack research, logical thinking and reasoning. I beg to challenge this investment. It is another welfare system. Which can and will be abused.

    • Saying I lack logical thinking without addressing my logical fallacies delegitimizes you, so why not put in the effort to have an adult rational conversation?

      You think because some welfare systems can be abused, that the idea of a welfare state is bad? What do you think the purpose of government is for in the first place?

    • Ryan Gagne That sure makes a difference. There should be NO welfare system. I think all taxpayers are tired of supporting this. Aren’t you? Science has been around for centuries but how much of it has been proven false?

  5. Ontario just escaped the Liberal strangle hold with Wynne, we sure as hell don`t want another Liberal. This Liberals assessment of Doug Fords style is very accurate. The Ontario Conservatives need a replacement for Ford, someone with a brain and a little common sense. Ford has been a disaster from day one, he`s an asset for the Liberals & NDP, but a major liability for the Ontario, and Federal Conservatives.

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