Illegal Cannabis Dispensary Shut Down in Garden River


The Anishinabek Police Service conducted a Cannabis Act investigation on an illegal cannabis dispensary operating on the Garden River First Nation.  With the assistance of the Batchewana Police Service, on November 27th, 2019, a Cannabis Act search warrant was obtained and successfully executed at a residence in the 700 block of Highway 17B on the Garden River First Nation.  This residence was also being used as an illegal cannabis dispensary.

Seized from the dispensary was:

–        Approximately $3,500 cash

–        Over 2.5 lbs of dried marihuana

–        Over 200 packages of cannabis infused gummies and chocolate bars

–        Over 100 various homemade cannabis edibles (cookies, fudge, brownies …)

–        Over 300 g. of hashish

–        Various CBD-THC oils

Total street value of the seizure is estimated at over $30,000

Two adult males were arrested and face criminal charges.  The investigation is ongoing and further charges and arrests are likely.

The Anishinabek Police Service are committed to protecting its citizens and keeping its communities safe.  They would also like to remind its citizens, and the public, that the operation of unlicensed cannabis dispensaries is illegal.  The public is encouraged to contact local police or Crimestoppers with any information concerning the operation of illegal cannabis dispensaries.


  1. dont matter if it is proved by a band , just because you are native doesn’t give you the right to open an illegal dispensary , you wanna try skip the loopholes and all the fees just to open one they you shouldnt bother and deal with the consequences , do it the right way and go through the process the other people do or enjoy a loss

    • Batchawana Rankin and every other reserve for that matter. Being that it was no secret and the customers were freely coming and going everyone thought that this was approved by the band. I guess not.

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