Introducing Ayla-Rose Warth … and The Crux

Ayla-Rose Warth

UFE Tagona Press and SaultOnline are proud to present The Crux, a terrific story created by Ayla-Rose Warth. For lovers of a great, fast-paced, creative narrative that combines imagination, intrigue and wonderful uncertainty about just what might happen next – The Crux will engage, and entertain you.

Over the next 4 months, Ayla will be publishing The Crux as part of our SaultStream Serials. Many famed authors have used this ‘story by installments’ approach to provide their readers and the world with wonderful stories – Charles Dickens’ Pickwick Papers, Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and more recently, Alexander McCall Smith (The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency), and his brilliant 44 Scollard Street.

Each The Crux episode will have a similar publication format. I will provide a brief summary of the Serials, and upcoming publications. The current Crux serial will be linked to all previous story segments, to permit new Crux readers to catch up, or provide an opportunity for our current audience to flip back into the story so far. We encourage anyone to comment at the online portal provided. We value all ideas, and every reader critique – because The Crux is organic! It will grow, and evolve as each installment is crafted. The Crux community that embraces Ayla’s work is much more than an audience – you will be at its very creative, storytelling heart.

And the first great day in this SaultStream Serial? Monday November 18 – the first segment of The Crux Chapter 1 will be published on Ayla’s dedicated story portal, with the second segment following Thursday November 21. Please share the story links with anyone.

In mid 2020, The Crux will be published in its final novel form, and available for Canadian and international distribution, as consistent with our UFE Tagona Press motto – ‘From the Sault, to the world’.

Speculative fiction? Sci-fi? Fantasy? Cyberpunk? We see The Crux in simpler terms – a great story, written by a talented, on the rise author…