Keeping safe on our roads this winter


With the fall season nearing an end, the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service wants to remind drivers in Sault Ste. Marie and Prince Township to prepare for winter driving conditions.

We have already experienced a few mornings with slippery conditions due to frost, and we all know winter driving can be tricky at times. November is winter driving safety month and we have some tips we’d like to share to help you and your loved ones travel safely this winter.

We urge everyone to prepare their vehicle for change of the season. Installing winter tires on your vehicle will allow navigate area roadways more easily than all-season tires. Consider having winter tool accessories in your vehicle; snow brush, ice scraper, lightweight shovel and booster cables can help you through a tough situation.

If your windows are frosty in the morning, please take a few minutes to scrape all windows so your visibility is as clear and unobstructed. Arriving at your destination safely should be the number one priority.

With winter road conditions just around the corner, please adjust your driving habits accordingly.

  • Leave for your destination a few minutes earlier than in warmer seasons
  • Drive smoothly and slowly to allow for less traction due to winter conditions
  • Do not tailgate, breaking is more unpredictable in the winter
  • Make sure to turn on your headlights at all times
  • PAY ATTENTION, reaction times will be less with frost, snow and ice on area roads

We want everyone to travel safely in and around the community, so please follow these safety tips to increase the odds of arriving to your destination safely