Kidnapping and Assault with a Firearm On Willowdale Drive


The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service is currently investigating a kidnapping and an assault with a weapon, involving a firearm.

The victim was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Earlier today there was a heavy police presence in the area of Willowdale Street, in the east end of the city. Officers were conducting a search for the suspects and evidence.
“It is our belief all parties involved are known to each other and there is no concern for public safety.”

More details will be released as they become available.


  1. This city is becoming horrible.. there’s nothing other than either more drugs or legal drugs for treatment for addicts, there’s no such thing as “low income housing”, just overpriced slum-lots. Not to mention the lack of work and mental health avenues…. The worst part is, this is just the beginning…

    • It’s the lawyers who are the dumptrucks in this city. I wonder how many people get 12 month sentences for minor, first time offences. Martin P. was a bad one for it when he was a “defence” attorney. He would’ve made an adequate CA since he did squat as defence. Gualazzi was a lazy CA who presented false or misleading info when info was presented at all

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