Ontario elementary school teachers to release results of strike vote


TORONTO — The union representing Ontario’s elementary school teachers says it plans to announce this morning whether or not its members are willing to go on strike.

The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario has been holding strike votes across the province for the past several weeks as it tries to negotiate a new labour deal with the provincial government.

The union says it will release the results of those votes at a 10:30 a.m. news conference.

The Progressive Conservative government has been in tense contract talks with all the province’s education workers, who have been without contracts since the end of August.

Last month it reached a deal with the Canadian Union of Public Employees hours before its members were to walk off the job.

Both the federation and the union representing public high school teachers have applied for conciliation in their ongoing talks with the province.


  1. Of course they will vote overwhelmingly in favour of strike action. Mindless, sheep-herd mentality. They need more days off, they need more pay, they need larger benefits and they need a bigger pension plan. And they need smaller class sizes with more assistants, etc. Union mantra:work as little as possible for as much money as possible. And if they don’t get their way? Well, take it out on the students and their parents that pay teachers’ salaries, pensions, etc. by way of taxes. And these are the same people that earn less than a teacher, don’t get as many vacation days as a teacher, whose benefit plan no where nears what these lemmings are given and don’t have pension plans as opulent as a teacher’s. Yet, it is the kids that will suffer. It is time that education become an essential service and that strikes are outlawed. Enough of this dark age mentality. The kids’ future is what is MOST important here.

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