Reaction and quotes about the new Liberal cabinet


OTTAWA — What newsmakers said about the new federal cabinet sworn in Wednesday:

“We recognize that this Parliament will be one in which collaboration, in which working with a broad range of parties and indeed stakeholders across the country, is going to be incredibly important. And the team that we’ve assembled here is a team that is going to focus on working hard every single day for Canadians.” — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

“I am very excited about this great cabinet that we’ve built. We will continue to work very hard to listen to Canadians, from coast to coast to coast, and work for the betterment of all Canadians.” — Trudeau

“Naming a new cabinet was an opportunity for Trudeau to change course and abandon his reckless approach of dividing the country with failed policies. Instead he has doubled down on the same faces and the same failures.” — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer

“It’s not to say I have any concern about the individuals, my concern is that the individuals aren’t going to change the policies. I want to see the prime minister indicate that there’s going to be a change in tone with real commitments to lift people up and respond to the worries that they’re faced with.” — NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh

“Today, I appreciate that we face some big challenges at home, notably the challenge around being sure that we can act united as a country. United as a country facing the big threats in the world today, united as a country facing the existential challenge of climate change, united as country facing the challenge of being sure Canadians have great jobs and a strong social-welfare net.” — Chrystia Freeland, the former foreign affairs minister, on her new role as deputy prime minister and intergovernmental-affairs minister

“She is someone with whom I worked very, very closely and with great success on renegotiating the North American free-trade agreement … As we move forward on issues that matter right across the country, like energy and environment and other large issues, we’re going to have to engage in a strong and positive way with … different orders of government … And I’m very much looking forward to doing that with Chrystia by my side.” — Trudeau on Freeland’s appointment

“Canada stands in the world as a beacon of stability, predictability and rule of law. I think this is appealing not only to people who want to come to live in Canada, but to investors.” — Francois-Philippe Champagne, the new foreign-affairs minister

“We recognize we need to move towards a lower-carbon economy. We also see Alberta and Saskatchewan as an essential element in moving forward in a way that brings all Canadians along.” — Trudeau on Canada’s energy future

“The issue is one that relates very much to the hydrocarbon-producing regions of this country and how we address climate change in a way that address their legitimate economic concerns. That is something that I think we need to be thoughtful of.” — Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson

“I believe that Mr. (Steven) Guilbeault was not offered the minister of environment because Mr. Trudeau dare not face Alberta and did not want to raise any more animosity between Alberta and his government. He lacked the necessary courage to have an environmentalist (become) the minister of environment and instead he chose someone who might have some more sympathy toward the oil industry.” — Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet

“I’m a team player, let me tell you. … I’ll be on the ice with all my team members to move the country forward on all issues, including heritage, economic development, the middle class and of course the environment and climate change.” — Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault on how his record as an environmentalist can be reconciled with approval of energy projects

“I’m comfortable working with everybody. I mean, at the end of the day, we’re elected by Canadians, from Quebec, from Ontario, from different provinces. I think our task and our obligation is to improve our society, to prepare a better future for younger generations and in that sense I’m quite confident we’re able to negotiate and get agreements with all parties depending on the topic, and that includes the Bloc Quebecois.” — House leader Pablo Rodriguez

“Today I will congratulate all the new ministers. … Tomorrow I have important questions for a number of the portfolios.” — Conservative MP Cathy McLeod