Red Lock Launches Across The District


Group Health Centre’s HARP (HIV/AIDS Resource Program) is excited to announce their Red Lock campaign, launching across Algoma today.

Each year the last week of November is dedicated to HIV Awareness, to both educate the public about HIV and to raise awareness for people living with HIV and AIDS and bring communities together at the same time.This year the HARP team is bringing a special campaign to the Algoma region. The Red Lock campaign is a unique twist on the Red Scarf campaign from previous years.

HARP invites you to visit one of their Red Lock displays and take a lock, a gift to remind us that despite our differences, we hold the key to unlocking love, hope and acceptance.

With the Red Lock campaign, HARP endeavours to inform the community about people living with HIV and end the stigma associated with the virus, which is the biggest barrier to testing and treatment. Shifting the conversation to one of compassion and support will show people that getting tested is important for everyone.

December 1st is both World AIDS Day and the beginning of Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week, and in honour of these important occasions, the HARP team will be at the GFL Memorial Gardens handing out locks during the Greyhound game.

“The theme for World AIDS Day 2019 is “Communities make the difference.” Communities are a social support network that offers a sense of belonging. When you feel like you belong, you feel supported by others, valued and more confident in yourself,” said HARP team member, Shana Shipperbottom. “No one is successful all on their own; we need to support each other so that no one is left behind.”

To learn more about the campaign or to find a display in the Algoma region near you, please visit displays will be up until December 6th.