Student Union releases Request for Information


Sault College Students’ Union is seeking business owners for their unique space for a unique service provider.

On Wednesday, Sault College Students’ Union posted to their website a RFI (Request for Information). The well known Common Grounds will be transformed into a new space providing a “Grab n’ Go Food/Beverage Service” as early as September 2020. Are you looking to expand your business and join a great community environment on campus at Sault College? Looking to build your brand and provide employment opportunities to up and coming industry leaders, then look no further. Go to our website for full details.

“As the President of SCSU, it is our responsibility to provide options to our students and a wider variety of food or beverages on campus. Whether the interested business owners provide gluten free, vegetarian or even vegan options for our ever growing student population, we would welcome you. I would like for our community of Sault Ste. Marie to see the value in our students and would require them to employ some Sault College students to build their experience as they are our next up and coming industry leaders in their own capacity. We also recognize that we must adapt to the changes that happens in the Post-Secondary Sector and we are doing our best to meet those needs says Jonathan Nolan, President of the Sault College Students’ Union”.

SCSU is welcoming all interested business owners to reach out to the President by email and the RFI will close on Monday, December 02,2019 at 3:00pm. Next steps would then be releasing the RFP – Request for Proposals. Build your brand here with us at SCSU.



  1. Wow have things changed – when I was in university there’s no way we could afford to buy take-away food every day. Buying coffee every day was even a stretch. Meanwhile these same students are complaining about student debt. You can save thousands of dollars over the year by making & bringing your own lunch.

  2. Like we need more food options at the school
    1.Tim Hortons (full service but does accept Tim Hortons rewards
    2. Pizza Pizza (outlet meaning they only sell select menu items)
    3.Subway (pretty much a full service but they don’t accept subway rewards)
    4. Tim Hortons Express (serve yourself coffee in thermos , tea and hot beverages like French vanilla cap and a small selection of treats)
    5. A random bar called Odeno (with a variety of meal options)
    6. Standard Cafeteria with a variety of meal options
    7. Grab and go in the culinary wing
    8. Free soup day on Wednesdays
    9. Random vending machines offering snacks

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