UFE Tagona Press establishes unique writer – publisher collaboration

Ayla-Rose Warth

UFE Tagona Press, a multi‐media publishing company based at the Millworks Centre for Entrepreneurship, is pleased to announce that it will be publishing The Crux, a compelling science fiction story authored by emerging Sault Ste. Marie creative talent Ayla-Rose Warth. The Crux is the first UFE Tagona work released under its innovative Saultstream imprint.

In this unique serialized format, UFE Tagona will publish The Crux in collaboration with Sault Online and Northern Stream Media. Readers will have the opportunity to comment on the story as it unfolds over the next six months, where readers are encouraged to express their opinions regarding The Crux story lines, structure, and character development. When this work is ultimately published in 2020 as a full science fiction work, the final version may include ideas that online The Crux readers suggested as the serialized story has been told.

UFE Tagona partner Bryan Davies said, “Ayla has a deft narrative touch that we are certain will appeal to anyone who enjoys (borrowing Margaret Atwood’s science fiction descriptor), ‘speculative fiction’. Like Wattpad, and other successful online publishing initiatives, our Saultstream model helps new and emerging writers find, and build an engaged, thoughtful audience for their work. The Saultstream difference is that we as publishers and creative consultants work collaboratively with our writers as the online story develops in its serial form. Further, our writers receive 75 percent of all revenues generated through online publication”.