VIDEO: Teachers are the Students as Training Begins

On Thursday November 21 and Friday November 22, twelve Algoma District School Board (ADSB) Technological Education teachers will participate in a hands-on welding training experience with the Canadian Welding Bureau at Superior Heights Collegiate & Vocational School (750 North Street). This two-day introduction session will prepare teachers to deliver welding training to students as part of a manufacturing, construction or transportation course at the grade 9 and 10 level, preparing students for additional training in grades 11 and 12.
The Algoma District School Board is committed to providing pathways for all students and recognizes the opportunities for careers in the skilled trades. Technological education teachers will be engaging in this learning to enhance their current qualifications and skills to support student learning. As well, ADSB has invited occasional and student teachers to join in this training to develop their knowledge and skills as many technological teachers will be retiring over the next few years.
Meanwhile, we encourage local qualified Trades, Technology and Engineering workers to consider a career as a Teacher of Technological Education.  The ADSB Human Resources Department can provide more information about this rewarding career path in which you can impact students and our future. Call 705.945.7111 Ext. 10387 today!



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