1. How is this news without the location?

    When I was homeless in 89 nobody seemed to care…I’d sleep under trees near Heritage Place and wake up with a bunch of people watching me out their windows. Bleachers at Queen E Field provided some shelter…Ultimate spot was up the elevator service steps in apartment buildings, if you could get in…

  2. Dawna Kinnunen –
    Sault Online is nothing but another cheap “rag mag”. They do not give a sh*t about people, what we think, how we feel, who they hurt or anything else but laying out a storyline.

  3. Give your head a shake lady or better yet trade places with the poor guy and see how you like the ‘safety and security’ of living outdoors in sub zero temperatures. Not even domestic pets should have to suffer this kind of existence. With any luck and a little publicity him and others will get some much needed help.

  4. This is a crying shame and a real look at how some are living, just to survive!! Its raw and real and maybe the right people will see it !
    The ones that go home to a home cooked meal every night!! We have to support these people, and not judge them!!
    Wake up government!!!!!
    People are living in the gaw damn hiLLs…☹😒

  5. SooOnline – please edit this story to take off the location. You are putting this person at harm. There is NO need for anyone to know the location. Yes it’s important to know this does exist here but you’ve crossed the line. Do the right thing.

    • Tammy Culina while st Vincent’s is an awesome option for many, there are many reasons why it is not the best option for everyone. We need more than just 1 men’s shelter in town. More beds. More support b

  6. It’s so sad. In Winnipeg there are thousands living under bridges, in tent cities, in bus shacks , and building lobbies. Every year when it gets to -45 people lose their lives because there are not enough room in shelters and they only take sober people.

  7. You could potentially be putting someone at risk by posting a photo of them and where they’re sleeping outside(perhaps private property) as it is often ticketed by the police. You don’t need this photo to “prove” homelessness. It feels gross, please take it down.

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