We Dodged The Snow Bullet So Far, But…


Depending where you live in the district, you may have seen a trace of snow to a lot of it over the weekend and although Sault Ste. Marie managed to dodge the snow bullet over the weekend, we all know our turn is coming. That could be this week.

An Alberta Clipper will organize and track through the Great Lakes by Wednesday and that could leave behind 10cm here in the city, more elsewhere up north.

Over the weekend areas such as Goulais and Heyden picked up over 20cm, while in the city only a trace.

Courtesy Accuweather.com

The forecast this week calls for flurries and plummeting temperatures that could lead to heavier amounts of snow. Overnight lows could go as low as -10c (normal for this time of year should be around -1c)

The first two weeks of November is looking to be below normal in temperatures  before a gradual warmup mid month and lasting through to early December.

Snow of course is not uncommon this early on in the month of November. The most snow on the ground in Sault Ste. Marie on this date was an impressive 30cm in 1966. Meanwhile the warmest temperature recorded on this date was 19.3c in 2008.  That shows you that November can be full of surprises weather wise.


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