City Stands By Parking Enforcement After Social Media Outburst


“We are always sensitive to the needs in the downtown core. In this situation here, there is free two hour parking within a short distance to her location.” says Brent Lamming, the Director of Community Services for the City of Sault Ste. Marie.

Lamming suggested an alternative option after social media outrage began as Tamar Tucker, owner of Tamar Trends Flower Shop, posted a video where she explained her frustrations with the city’s parking situation.

Tucker has lost a number of parking spots with the placement of garbage bins and the need for snow removal.

Patrons, and even Tucker herself have received tickets for parking on the boulevard, which Tucker claims “is the only place to park in the back to allow for all of these to happen” in the two minute and twenty second video posted to her business page.

SaultOnline reached out to Brent Lamming, who said that in accordance to city by-law, the ticket was issued properly. “In this instance, she was parked on the curb and the ticket was issued in compliance with the by-law.”

SaultOnline also stopped by Tamar’s Trend’s to speak with Tucker, who suggests that the Downtown Association, relevant representation from city departments, the council, as well as local business owners discuss parking in a round table setting.

Another suggestion from Tucker was too allow for the use of business owner tags, to help identify cars and their association to a business.

While parking may be hard in a busy downtown, the city insists they are trying to make it easier for Holiday shopping.

“It should be noted there will be free parking occurring in the Downtown core from December 16th to December 27th”.

Lamming insists that he is willing to talk to the local small business owner. “I’m not sure if Tamar reached out to the city or myself, but we are always willing to talk to constituents. We talk frequently with business owners” said the Director of Community Services.

Tucker has also mentioned she has been reached out by a number of councilors and the DTA who have mentioned a “pilot project” for parking in the downtown core. This is a topic set to hit council.


  1. Move to Ottawa and you can’t even park your bicycle without paying downtown. You want to park downtown Ottawa bring your wallet, I look forward to coming home every summer so I can my park my car anywhere in the Sault and not have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Just saying.

  2. Downtown businesses already get unparalled support from the city and yet they constantly have their hands out demanding more.
    So she wants her business to have all the benefit of free parking but on the taxpayer’s dime?
    Any other area of town the business pays taxes, plus maintenance, plus snow removal.
    Fail to do your due diligence and then cry about it later.
    Businesses establish downtown knowing it has a reputation of lacklustre infrastructure, higher crime, inconvenient parking but STILL open up there because the rent is cheap.
    You get what you pay for.

  3. Dorothy Bianchi yes it can be frustrating. But it doesn’t look professional when you record your breakdown and post it to social media. She could have went to city hall and tried to work something out. Or simply put money away for parking tickets at the end of each month. I know plenty of business owners in bigger cities have been doing this.

  4. I think business owners should get a yearly free parking pass in front of their businesses. You know, common cutesy for keeping their businesses open in such a rotten economy!

  5. I agree that there should be free parking downtown for shopping but in the same breath I question why u have to pay for parking at the hospital to get medical attention or visit a sick person but u should have free parking to shop

  6. First off all it is not the cities fault you chose a location that has minimal parking I assume you knew the parking situation when you took on the location. Secondly you chose to fill the spots with garbage bins and yes snow from plowing again I assume you knew that when you took on the location you would need bins and snow plowing. Then you illegally parked and got a ticket sorry your fault not the city.

  7. I feel the city shoots themselves in the foot…think about it!!! If she goes out of business, another building on Queen stays vacant. Fewer dollars in taxes…another owner of the bldg out his/her rental….We are trying to encourage the return of businesses in the downtown core! I agree w ms. Grant. Two sides of the mouth…the malls have seen better days! What is the future of shopping???on line I wd expect…getting rid of downtown…just when we see an influx of traffic in our downtown area…

  8. Brent Lamming…how far is that parking you speak of? If she is carrying in supplies for her shop, how many more trips would she have to make because distance wouldn’t allow to carry as much per load?

  9. Typical bureaucratic non-answer from Mr. Lamming. In other words, we’ll just keep on ticketing as much as we can and not offer or be prepared to offer or listen to others’ solutions.

  10. Really,sooonline! This was not an outrage. It was a business owner who had to resort o the media to be heard. Tamara you have an amazing business! Hope you can work something out that helps you!

  11. Do you notice the city talks out of both sides of the mouths???? They want a vibrant, growing downtown with locally owned businesses and that is user friendly for citizens and visitors alike. And then they hobble business owners and citizens and visitors with a crappy parking system and no allowances made for business owners to do what they need to do without incurring a ticket. They are NUTS and STUPID and SHORT-SIGHTED.

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