Giving Tuesday is the last day to get SAHF 50/50 Tickets – Guaranteed $50,000 prize

Canadian money

Time is running out to get your SAHF 50/50 Tickets. This inaugural draw has been gaining speed leading into the draw week and on Wednesday, December 4th, one lucky winner will take home at least $50,000. Tickets are available until Tuesday, December 3rd at 9PM. Don’t miss out!

If you are looking where to purchase, you can head to for a list of locations where individuals will be selling in the community as well as when and where to get them in the hospital. Also new to this draw, tickets can be purchased online at This will allow individuals from across Ontario to support the draw. Tickets are delivered digitally to the email provided.

Proceeds from this draw will support the purchase of medical equipment essential to delivering services here in Sault Ste. Marie. Each piece of equipment purchased is required to enhance care and keep patients close to home. Examples of past purchases include a CT Scanner in 2017 and most recently supporting the introduction of cardiac stenting procedures here in our community.

Ticket prices are 3 chances for $5, 10 chances for $10 and 60 chances for $20. Thank you for helping make outstanding care possible.

For all other details and the up to date jackpot total that the winner will receive, visit Licence # 11446