Meet the New Strive YPG Executive Board

Strive YPG 2019 Executive

Strive: Young Professionals Group (YPG) aims to assist young professionals between the ages of 19 and 40 who are seeking meaningful professional development initiatives, networking opportunities, and community interaction within Sault Ste. Marie and the surrounding Algoma region.

Strive: YPG is pleased to announce the newly elected executive board for 2020. Newly elected members and their corresponding roles include:

  • Chair: Derek Jackson from Wardlaw Heating & Cooling Inc.
  • Past Chair: Ashlee Gerard from Ash The Assistant
  • Vice Chair: Kurtis McDermid from Odd Job Jacks
  • Finance Officer: Dylan Turgeon from Lallemand Inc.
  • Secretary: Carly Creagh from Freedom 55 Financial
  • Marketing Officer: Jeremy Henderson from Jeronamo Solutions
  • Communications Officer: Connie Carello from CC Communications Inc.
  • Events Coordinator: Hunter Berto from Algoma Steel & Mikaela McDermid from the Ontario Finish Resthome
  • Recruitment Officer: Dr. Carly Dool from Floreani O’Toole Dool Orthodontists
  • Advocacy Officer: Emily Cormier from the City of Sault Ste. Marie
  • Sponsorship Officer: Robin Weber from RW Medical
  • Members At Large include: Francesca Bruni from Blade+Ink, Steven McCoy from Gencity Consulting, and Naomi Sayers a Barrister/Solicitor

Strive: YPG was developed through the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce to respond to a gap in representation for young professionals within the community.

Young professionals in Sault Ste. Marie are part of a demographic that communicate, network and do business differently.

With the intention to help young professionals work together and network, Strive: YPG also highlights the contributions, skills, and expertise youthful members of our community have in various professional roles.

The organization’s annual Algoma Visionary Awards (AVA) Gala, which is scheduled for January 10th 2020, is a prime example as Strive will recognize up to 20 individuals for their incredible efforts in leadership, community engagement, professional achievement, volunteerism, and mentorship.

The members of Strive: YPG are the future leaders of this community and Strive intends to nurture relationships to maximize the potential of young professionals in Sault Ste. Marie.


  1. The executive is made up of volunteers who take on their roles in addition to their busy lives, full-time jobs, new families and in many cases small businesses. The executive also serve as the operators of the organization. There is no staff at the direction of the executive as there would be in larger organizations.

    Having a larger and diverse group of young professionals on the executive is a strength and helps us facilitate our operations as a part-time volunteer board.

    If you have any questions about the operations of StriveYPG please feel free to email me at any time at [email protected]


  2. That’s a ton of people in the executive. Way too top heavy in my opinion. I’ve seen large corporations with smaller executives. Why are so many needed?

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