Minister of Education issues statement on OSSTF Job Action


The Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, issued the following statement in response to the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) announcement of continued job action:

“OSSTF union leadership have made clear that they will continue to take job action—which hurts students most—unless taxpayers accept their demand of $7 billion in enhancements to salaries, benefits, and other entitlements.

If there were any question that this wasn’t about salary, those doubts were put to bed when the four teacher unions launched their challenge to legislation that deals with compensation increases for the public service.

We have made a reasonable offer on compensation – a $750 million increase in compensation for the second highest paid educators in the country.

We are calling on OSSTF to cease from continued job action, accept our offer of private mediation, stay at the table, and focus on improving learning in the classroom, not enhancing compensation for their members.”


  1. Why do we need teachers put all the courses on-line won’t need schools or buses. Almost 100 per cent of school kids have their faces stuck on the internet anyways. I am sure many of the high school students would love to work from home at their own pace.

    • You are right they do have the right to strike and I as the taxpayer have a right to know how and where my taxes are being spent plain and simple.

  2. I believe people have a right to strike. This is how things are decided, and solved. By government interference these things dont get settled. I believe first responders should get paid more then government, then doctors, teachers and then government. They really don’t do to hard a job. They have a bunch of minions for that. Just my opinion.

  3. The government has put in place law that circumvents the collective bargaining rights and that’s not right. Weather the teachers get compensation increases is not up to them, it’s between the teachers and boards!

  4. “Second highest paid educators”? Once again the support staff are being drowned out in this process. I don’t think anyone would argue that an educational assistant, who is also represented by this union, taking home $21k is making too much money. This is not even enough to support a family. I believe the 2 percent is not enough. Our union should be fighting for more for the support staff. Cost of living has gone up. The government had no problem giving themselves a 14 percent raise but educational assistants make too much money and are being selfish??? 🤔

    • yup they forget or neglect to mention that the funding is not for teachers alone but for support staff and busing . YES this money directly affects other resources the Boards negotiate including bussing of students to and from school. The Drivers are making less than the provincial minimum wage because the Boards just do not have enough to go around . And the Governement knows this and have started a Driver Retention Fund to keep drivers because they recognize that the Boards can not pay them a decent wage. But lets take more money away from them. This minister is gearing families toward a homeschooling platform . Homeschooling should be a choice not a demand.

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