Ontario considering ban on flavoured vaping products, health minister says


TORONTO — Ontario’s health minister says the province is considering a ban on flavoured vaping products.

Christine Elliott says the province is looking at a variety of measures to address growing concerns about the rise of vaping among teenagers.

Elliott says her advice to young people is to not use the products, which she says appear to be targeted toward them.

Her statements came the same day Nova Scotia’s health minister announced that province will be the first to ban sales of flavoured e-cigarettes and juices starting April 1, 2020.

Randy Delorey says the move is aimed at promoting a smoke-free culture in a province where vaping rates have been growing, especially among young people.

Ontario said last month it would ban the promotion of vaping products in convenience stores and gas stations, a measure that will come into effect next month.


  1. Vaping has been around for years. I personally have been using them for 5 years just nicotine(not marijuana)
    It is infuriating, that kids made it a fad and started abusing them and messing with the electronic aspects as well as the recipes for the juices. To say the least it makes me mad.

    • let me ask you a question…. do you eat processed food, as in canned food, factory cooked food etc. I’ll assume that answer to be a ” yes” …………the ingredients in ecigs are the exact same things you eat daily in processed foods………. that stuff is bad for you….. gross…… get it now ?

    • Ryan Gagne exactly, and the deaths that occurred were by illegally made products ( marijuana cartridges that contained Vitamin E acetate) . Those two young men have been charged and will be facing many years behind bars.

    • Antony Danger Baudash your body is able to process those ingredients ( I have done a million years of research, seriously) …………… the car you ride in everyday causes you to breath in very toxic chemicals that cause cancer . The air in the city here is toxic and breathing it in is dangerous to your lungs/body and causes cancers. All i know is, #1 i was able to kick an almost 2 pack a day habit on the first day of vaping and have no had or wanted a cig in the past 4 plus years . #2 i smoked from age 16 – 54 , #3 chest xrays show no sign of smoking , #4 i don’t get sick anymore ( rarely) , I don’t cough anymore , I can breath easily now and not get short of breath , I don’t wake up in the night coughing anymore#5 I don’t reek of smoke anymore . #6 within a week of using an ecig , food tasted so much better. #vapingsaveslives

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