Parents burst into tears as Ontario reveals autism program faces another delay


TORONTO — Parents of children with autism burst into tears today as the provincial government announced another delay in getting their kids the services they need.

Children, Community and Social Services Minister Todd Smith announced that a needs-based program will be phased in over two years, instead of being up and running in April as previously promised.

Parents who were watching the announcement, some of them clutching pictures of their children, began weeping and saying, “not good enough.”

Smith says the work has already started, but it is complex and will take time to be fully implemented.

In the meantime, families will get interim funding of either $20,000 or $5,000 to pay for services, depending on their child’s age — the maximum annual amounts they were to get under a failed plan announced earlier this year.

That plan sparked outrage, forcing the government to go back to the drawing board and nearly double the amount of money it will allocate to an autism program.


    • It’s not about handouts – the majority of parents of kids with autism are so desperate for any sort of support at all and are willing to pay but there are no programs available. My daughter just turned 18, was diagnosed over 10 years ago and we’ve been on waiting lists for all of those years. Now she’s aged out an not available for anything. We paid for some things but they were only band-aid solutions that were ineffective.
      The early years are critical and can make a huge difference for kids with autism. If this was your child and you had to watch idly while your child’s critical years waste away I’m sure you wouldn’t be so smug, judgmental and indifferent.

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