Protesters dump manure in front of Premier Doug Ford’s constituency office


Toronto police say protesters dumped manure in front of Premier Doug Ford’s constituency office on Sunday.

They say the incident happened at around noon in the west-end suburb of Etobicoke.

Investigators say they responded to a call about the incident, but nobody’s filed a police report.

No charges have been laid.

A statement from the premier’s office says that if a response is what the protesters are looking for, they’re not getting one from Ford.

The statement wished the protesters a Merry Christmas and says the government hopes the protesters have a more productive new year.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Dec. 22, 2019.


The Canadian Press


  1. Regardless of political beliefs it is so disheartening to see peeps thinking this ok or even funny 🥴 Adults – our youth are watching us- if this behaviour is ok for us what message are we sending? That it’s ok to ‘chit’ on people we disagree with? It’s ok to vandalize and have tax payors pay to fix it? Please people think about your online behaviour- we are the only ones that can change it 😔

  2. So let me get this right… …in protest they used their old gas guzzling Ford truck to drive miles and miles from and back to the farm polluting the atmosphere with all the toxicity a combustible engine produces, Then dump fecal matter from cows onto the street where when washed down by runoffs remnants of what can not be again shovelled into yet another gas guzzling polluting truck, then washes into the sewer system contaminating the water. Ya…Ford is the problem.

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