Restoring Canada’s economic potential, ensuring a brighter future for all Canadians

Roadmap to Prosperity

With the election over and the new government in place, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce network is transitioning its election platform, Vote Prosperity, to Roadmap to Prosperity – a blueprint for restoring Canada’s economic potential that reflects the priorities and concerns of job creators in its network and in communities across Canada.

On December 3rd, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce sent an open letter to all federal political leaders stating that Canada urgently needs to develop and implement a clear economic strategy. Along with this letter, it also provided leaders with its Minority Parliament Guide to Economic Growth that outlines where the Chamber network’s priorities and the government’s priorities align. If our political leaders cannot lead the way to growth, then chambers will need to demonstrate how growth can be achieved for the benefit of all Canadian businesses and the communities in which they operate.

The Roadmap to Prosperity blue print includes recommendations across a variety of key areas requiring immediate federal government attention, including: taxation, regulation, trade, small businesses, skills and training and pharmacare.

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