Some public high school teachers in Ontario walking off the job Dec. 11


TORONTO — The union representing Ontario’s public high school teachers says it will hold another one-day strike on Dec. 11.

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation says the job action will impact only schools in Toronto and several other regions.

Earlier this week, the union held a one-day strike that closed all high schools — and some elementary schools — across the province.

High school teachers are pushing back against government plans to increase class sizes and introduce mandatory e-learning courses.

But the Progressive Conservative government says the key issue at the bargaining table is compensation

The province has offered a one-per-cent annual wage increase, but the union is seeking around two per cent.


  1. Wow, how they put the spin on 1%, then the silly people get all mad at the teachers. Get serious. No one is going to go on strike and stay on strike for 1% when 1% is the only thing on the table! Mandatory e-learning? As if society isn’t disconnected enough. Classroom size does matter as well as support staff in said class. There are all kinds of children in these classes that require special help. If Ford and Trudeau and all the greedy politicians gave back a measly 1% there would be enough money for the students. That and stop paying for foreign students when our very own are being neglected. Shame on them all, Stand your ground Teachers!

    • I know if I had an option of e-learning or walking around a school and sitting in a classroom I would choose the e-learning. You say society is disconnected maybe parents should take phones away, these children are not paying for them. Just go to any school in the cafeteria students sit at a table and stare at their phones and say nothing to each other. Look at the good points of e-learning, work at your own pace, do not have to put up with the class clowns, stay in your pjs all day, no snow days or teacher strikes the list goes on.

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