Teachers in Ontario’s French-language system vote 97 per cent for strike


TORONTO — Ontario teachers in the French-language school system have voted 97 per cent in favour of a strike.

Union president Remi Sabourin says the result shows Franco-Ontarian teachers are determined to defend their rights.

He says two major obstacles to an agreement are the government plans to increase class sizes and impose mandatory e-learning requirements.

Sabourin says for the government it’s all about money, but forcing students to take online courses and eliminating teaching positions is not a solution.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce says he’s disappointed the union is taking another step toward a strike, which he says would cause disruption for students and parents.

The French teachers’ union has bargaining dates scheduled in January and no immediate strike plans.

Contract talks between all four major teachers’ unions and the government have become contentious. High school teachers have staged three one-day strikes, elementary teachers are on a work-to-rule campaign, and Catholic teachers will be in a legal strike position as of Saturday.


  1. Thank God they are able to fight these cuts! Our children do not need to compete for teaching time in the classroom . With class sizes getting so large and trying ot include all needs leaving no child behind but no one and no time to pick up the kids that fall behind. Ford is cutting all our basic rights as Canadians health care , education … This leaves the lower income families with little to no resorces to improve life and no chance for children to excel.

    • Jim Sweezey I think you mean, “The Ontario government is way out of control.” We’re fortunate teachers are able to fight for what’s best for our children. Clearly the government doesn’t have our kids’ best interests in mind.

    • Jim Sweezey not so! Ont gov is cutting our funding and increasing class sizes but giving no consideration for those not in the ” normal” scope of learning. Anyone needing extra work to move forward doesn ‘t get it, anyone struggling does not get extra help. Children with autism or special needs are left unattended to cause distractions in the classrooms and more! How is this the unions fault. The Gov is saved all that money and gave themselves a big pay increase. Really! someone needs to get the priorites straight here. In a family I was taught when needing to cut the family budget to make ends me you started with yourself not your childrens needs!

    • Jim Sweezey enemy territory or opportunity to listen to another’s opinion openly and without fear of judgement? Nothing wrong with disagreeing. What objective points can you bring to the table?

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